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3 megatrends for retail and commerce

Analysts from SafeRockhave identified three megatrends which will play an important role for commerce in the nearest future. It is worth taking a closer look at them.

Megatrends are the most important trends of global reach. These include urbanization, information society, ecology and health. As noted by American analysts from SafeRock, retail companies are facing significant challenges from increasing online retail trade. In order to meet these challenges, managers of mall-based stores responsible for obtaining profitable results through sales should focus on three megatrends.

Megatrend No 1: profitable customer engagement

Customer activity can be transformed into measurable benefits for the brand. The objective is to design customer engagement to be improved by increasing ROI, i.e. profitability index which measures the performance of the business. According to Shah Karim, CEO of SafeRock, marketing, merchandising, or IT can successfully drive promotion initiatives and help create profitable customer engagement.

Megatrend No 2: friendly payment system

The speed of transactions, a wide variety of payment services and lower costs cannot be an optional convenience anymore. Today, these services should be provided by each brand offering as many convenient payment methods as possible at the lowest cost.

Megatrend No 3: unification of e-commerce and business in mall-based stores

Unlike consumers who move effortlessly between online and offline shopping, managers of retail stores lack a unified actions addressed totraditional and virtual trade. Karim emphasizes that businesses need to further harmonize e-commerce with physical stores based on profitability index.

More about megatrends according to SafeRock in a talk given by Shah Karim:

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