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Conscious interior design, that is, ecological trends in designing and production of showrooms

Words like “bio”, “eco” and “organic” are becoming increasingly popular. That is the case also in the retail sector. But what do they mean in practice? We present chosen pro-ecological solutions employed nowadays by the most conscious investors, designers and producers of showrooms.

The designers do not deny: creation of a store ecological from the floor to the ceiling is a very time-consuming and challenging task as the point is to design the interior not only with the view of most optimal use of space for presentation of the offer and convenience of customers. Equally important aspects are energy costs and searching for producers and suppliers of materials with relevant certificates.

What should we pay attention to then? When we are selecting the type of wood we want to use in our interior, we should make sure that it has got FSC certification. It is awarded to products such as wooden articles of forest origin. We include in that category furniture, paper, floor coverings, windows and doors. The manner in which a given raw material is obtained determined whether the certification is awarded to it or not. According to konsument.pl portal over 148 million ha of forests in the world are currently certified in accordance with FSC’s standards and 21 000 companies from wood and paper sector were awarded that certification. We should also carefully check wood colouring techniques.

Another equally important issue is the choice of lighting. Energy-saving lamps in stores are a further challenge. It comes down to meticulous calculation of light intensity, informed choice of lamps and energy-saving systems of sales showroom illumination. Whenever possible, we should choose glazed interiors, which let in more daylight. Bearing that in mind, we should also consider beforehand the location of the future store. For example, southern exposure ensures much more natural light.

It is worth remembering that single-use shopping bags used by shops should be completely biodegradable and compostable, while price labels should be made of recycled paper.

Entering and moving around the store should be comfortable for the disabled. That criteria should not give way to any trend -it ought to be an ethical and aesthetical standard.

Contrary to the common belief, the interior designed in accordance with the above criteria may represent various styles: from rustic touch, stylised retro to expressive, frequently ultramodern minimalism. Well thought-out decision made at the stage of designing will be appreciated by the customers, who pay attention not only to the quality of the offered articles, but to the ways and measures used to present them as well. These clients may become the most devoted patrons of the brand in the future.

In the context of increasing ecological awareness in the retail sector, Ergo Store company guarantees access to the latest technologies and well-developed organizational base. We cooperate with manufacturers, architectural studios, as well as transport and construction companies. This allows Ergo Store to comply with the highest criteria concerning the quality of the produced equipment, safety standards, customer communication and timeliness. We are also open for consultations about materials used in production, as well as implementation and modification of new trends with the objective of introducing more ecological solutions.

Photo source: Forest Stewardship Council A.C/www.us.fsc.org

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