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Creative store equipping.The rules of shopfitting that will optically enlarge your store

What should be done to make our store seem more spacious? A well designed interior and the equipment of the store will ensure that even a small boutique will come across as optically larger.

The purchase or the rent of premises in a prestigious localization is more often than not a big investment which may provide a rational profit. However, it is worth to be aware that an experienced shopfitter can maximise this investment. How? We prompt several ways for acquiring additional square metres in our store.

1. Light

Light does not only lead to a destination. An adequate lighting can truly change each room. Well designed, it especially plays an important role in small rooms. It happens this way because of, i.a., reflected light which provides an optical effect of a larger space. If the room has a good access to daylight than we may consider filling the room with big mirrors. The effect will be brilliant.

2. Order

Chaos reduces the space around us. The store, in which we present our range, should be ruled by undisturbed order. By following the rule “less is more” while equipping the store we can certainly gain some space.

3. Colours

Deep, saturated colours are enemies of small rooms. It is worth taking a chance on bright, pastel colours. It is advisable to consider bright walls, floors or carpets while equipping a small store space.

4. Up!

While having to equip a store wit hsmall space, it is good to forgo typical furniture which was designed with huge chain stores in mind. It is also worth to furnish “vertically”, not “horizontally”. Ascending shelves and racks are a good solution. A space for an untypical, attention-grabbing exposition could be even the ceiling.

5. Make some space

Even though we have small space, it is worth remembering that it can be optically enlarged by choosing furniture proportional to the size of the room. Furniture should not be placed too close to each other. Maintaining minimum gaps between furniture which was well matched to the height and width of the interior will definitely work for our favor.

The company Ergo Store successfully provides services in the area of equipment production, project implementation and arrangement of the retail space. We are experienced in the production of wall systems and freestanding furniture, we also ensure their transportation and installation, domestically and abroad. Due to the developed back office and experienced team of designers, engineers and constructors, Ergo Store can also undertake other tasks in designing and equipping any commercial space.

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Second More & More shop prepared by Ergo Store according to the new concept

The Shop of the popular German brand in Singen is one of the recent productions prepared for this client.

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New Ergo Store productions for LPP group in Russia and Poland

At the turn of the third and fourth quarter of 2020 we had the pleasure to carry out another projects for our regular client, LPP group. The newly produced shops can be found in Moscow and Chorzów.

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