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Ergo Store in 2017: 12 months marked by international productions

The end of the year is traditionally a time of summaries. We do it with a huge pleasure and satisfaction, because behind us there is another 12 months of intensive work, during which we had the opportunity to conduct many interesting projects with a global reach.

Thanks to this, our realizations can be seen both on the most famous and prestigious fashion streets, shopping malls as well as on cosy streets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Below we remind you some of the most interesting projects from the passing year.

In 2017, we were present almost all over Europe. On the map of our projects we can find the most important European capitals – Budapest, where we produced new Reserved and Levi’s stores, Berlin (Reserved flagship store), Paris (Levi’s store on the Champs Elysées), Prague (first Palmers store in the Czech Republic), Madrid, Rome and Bucharest (new Levi’s stores), as well as Moscow (Reserved and Mohito stores). By supporting the international expansion of our regular client, the LPP group, we also carried out projects in other Russian cities. In St. Petersburg we have prepared the House brand store and in Ekaterinburg – Reserved. The store of the flagship brand from the LPP group we have also produced in the city of Tula, located in the Moscow Coal Basin. When writing about the East, it is also worth to mention our new projects in Ukraine and the Baltic States (Sinsay store in the Estonian city of Tartu).

We also continued activities in Scandinavia – in Norway we have prepared  the store of the LEE brand and in Denmark  – new Levi’s store. Balkans is also worth noticing destination. In Croatia and Serbia, we have produced new stores for the Levi’s as well stores of Sinsay and Reserved brands.

Italy and Austria were the locations of new productions for Levi’s and the Wrangler brands. Traditionally we have also been working in Germany, where we have prepared new productions for the Levi’s brand and the series of shop-in-shops for More&More. We have also been active in our southern neighbors. In addition to the Palmers store  in Prague, we also prepared rebranded stores of the Cropp and House in Liberec, as well as More & More shop-in-shops in Prague.

We do not forget about our projects in Poland. The first quarter of 2017 brought, among others, production of rebranded Reserved showroom at Chmielna Street in Warsaw. The spectacular opening was attended by VIP guests from show business and fashion world. Our cooperation with a regular customer, the LPP group also brought the continuation of the production of stores of the group’s flagship brand – Reserved, prepared according to the new concept. The effect was, among others, Reserved store in the Silesia City Center in Katowice. The production in the newly opened CH Wroclavia in Wrocław, where we have prepared five stores of brandsfrom the LPP group, also deserves recognition. In the same center we have also produced new Levi’s store.

We are very satisfied that thanks to cooperation with many globally recognized brands, our company is constantly developing and continues to expand into new locations in Europe, Asia or the Middle East.

We would like to thank all our Clients and Associates for the beneficial  year. We are facing another year of challenges and new projects that we will keep you up to date on our blog, as well as on our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

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New Sinsay shop in Rožňava prepared by Ergo Store

Sinsay clothing store in Stop Shop Rožňava retail park, located in south-eastern Slovakia is one of the latest productions prepared by Ergo Store for LPP group.

testumeblowanie sklepów odzieżowych
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New stores for LPP group in Belgrade prepared by Ergo Store

The time of increased caution associated with the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the suspension of several projects we were working on in the first quarter of 2020.

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