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Ergo Store in 2018: a year of intensive work in Europe and Asia

The beginning of the new year is the time when we set plans for the coming weeks and months, but we also look back, summarizing the previous 12 months. 2018 was a time of intense work almost all over Europe, as well as in Asia.

The shops we have prepared can be found both in European capitals, large metropolises and in small towns, on high streets, in shopping malls, as well as on intimate promenades. Among the European capitals in which we had the pleasure to work in 2018, it is worth to mention Athens and Prague, where we prepared the Levi’s stores and Helsinki, where we produced showroom for More & More brand. The capitals of Estonia, Romania and Albania (Levi’s shops) were also included in the map of our last year’s productions. In Stockholm, we produced the Dokers store, and in the capital of Cyprus – Nicosia, a combined Lee / Wrangler and Reef store. Once again we were working in Budapest and once again we prepared a Reserved store there.

Among the large European cities that we visited in 2018 were also Munich (Levi’s), Barcelona (Dockers), Nice (Levi’s and Dockers) or Rotterdam (Levi’s Kids).

As usual, Russia was an important destination for us – retail furniture that we manufactured went, among others, to Irkutsk. The capital of eastern Siberia is the most remote location in which we have had the opportunity to work so far – we prepared there three stores of brands from the LPP group – Reserved, Sinsay and Cropp. We also worked for the LPP group in Krasnodar and Novorossiysk, and for the Etam brand we prepared two stores in St. Petersburg.

In 2018, we also often visited our southern neighbors, running projects for the LPP group there. The map of our production includes such Slovak and Czech cities as Liptovsky Mikulas, Žilina, Martin and Pilsen.

In addition to projects conducted for our regular clients, in 2018 we also started cooperation with new brands, among which it is worth mentioning the fastest growing shoe company in Europe – the CCC group, or the well-known in the world of sport Trek Bicycle brand.

We would like to thank all our Clients and Associates for a fruitful and diligent year 2018. We have already started another year of work, during which we are waiting for new projects that we will keep up to date on our blog, as well as on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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