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Furniture trends according to the Swedish expert

Open spaces, furniture in dark colors, unconventional lighting creating WOW effect – here are key elements of modern design according to the Swedish expert, Stefan Nilsson.

Nilsson was one of the experts at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair – the event which we have recently written about on our blog. In the past, his predictions have often proved to be accurate.

Stefan Nilsson listed five trends that should be considered while designing the interior of your house, office or living room:

Rugs. Often underestimated, this time they can become an integral part of office decor of every serious company. “Living room is not finished without a carpet – says Nilsson, but it that does not mean that you have to put it on the floor. Alternative? Invest in a rug. ”

Dark colors. Bottle green, saturated blue, burgundy – Nilsson enjoys thinking about the dominance of these colors, because they will beat his hated pink. Swede advises that walls  might be prepared in green and blue colors and they go well with furniture in lighter woods, while burgundy features in cushions, a detail which is also very popular this year.

Open spaces. Office is a meeting point and a place for exchanging ideas. A bit of personal character should be added to minimalist interiors, but today the workplace first of all should be a compact box in wood that people can store their things in. The remaining space in the office should allow the free flow of ideas.

Small tables. According to Nilsson, small table is  a kind of a furniture that can be used in any space, whether home, office or in interesting showroom concept. You can let your imagination run wild and use several materials like marble, wood, granite and linoleum.

Lamps will continue to play a key role in interior design, but there’ll be more focus on the fitting than on the light itself. Nilsson bluntly says: “Lamps should be fashionable and make an impression on the guests and clients.” During Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair he was particularly impressed with the lamp made of Ebola containment suits. Do you feel inspired?

fot. Gustav Kaise/Stockholm Light & Fair Furniture

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