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Future showroom interior? Definitely eco

We judge furniture, accessories and everyday objects based on their aesthetics, price and durability. A fourth criterion is increasingly being added to this list. Whether the given object was made by means of sustainable, eco-friendly production methods is a pre-purchase condition made not only by individual customers but also image-conscious companies.

Undoubtedly, the economic crisis has contributed into sustainability and eco-friendly products coming into fashion, but the current global megatrends, that is the most important trends all over the world had its say in it. These include urbanisation, information society, ecology, health and others. During the International Fair of Furniture and Interior Equipment that took place in Cologne in January, it was emphasized that the eco-megatrend aims to preserve natural resources also through manufacturing solid and durable furniture in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS). The organisers of Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair have the same attitude. The fair beginning on 9 February is the biggest and the most important event of the furniture and light sector in Scandinavia, both for businesses and private households. Its motto says it all: „Nature is back for good!”

Both in case Cologne and Stockholm fair, many of the presented pieces of furniture and accessories respond to several megatrends simultaneously. The objects manufactured in accordance with the principles of SDS will therefore meet the needs of contemporary mobile society. Tables will be adjustable in height and light sources will be as friendly as possible to our eyes tired from work with computer. Materials are important as well. Furniture made in accordance with the principles of SDS are made of renewable sources, which means that their collection is carried out every 10 years or less. That is, among others, bamboo and cork. Objects made of these sources can be found in many households.

Also Puma used bamboo in its outlets. Another clothing giant – Zara – assured recently that it is planning to cooperate with research entities that focus on recycling technologies. Until 2020, the company plans to change most of their shops into more eco-efficient. On the other hand IKEA, one of the world’s biggest enterprises that produces and sales furniture in retail, announced in January that it intends to launch a service of product repairs or recycling, The declaration was made by Steve Howard, chief of Sustainable Development Department in this Swedish company. Such attitudes are signs that, facing global environmental changes and megatrends, even the biggest players on the retail market change their policies.

Aesthetics can go together with ethics. Do you have an idea for your showroom in this spirit? We will carry it out for you. We’ve been designing showrooms, designing and manufacturing furniture systems and providing their deliveries to any location within Poland, the European Union, Russia and Ukraine.

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