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GOCC 2020: Ergo Store is once again a sponsor of the MotoOrchestra in Krakow

Ergo Store will again play with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. As in previous years, our company is the sponsor of the MotoOrchestra – an event that will take place on Sunday, January 12 in Krakow, in the parking lot in front of the M1 Shopping Center.

“Ergo Store has been playing with us for years and they always cheer me on, help me and enjoy our successes, and its presidents are GREAT friends of the MotoOrchestra” – wrote the organizer of the Krakow event on Facebook. Indeed, we are once again supporting the event created a few years ago by the Grupa Południe Motorcyclists Association. Thank you for your kind words and appreciating our support. We are glad that the event is growing every year.

As usual, participants of the event can meet with racers, quad riders, motorcyclists and drifters. It will be possible to bid for joint rides with titled drivers and rally pilots of cars such as Tesla model 3, Fiat 500e Maverick or Audi S1. The legendary Ferrari 458 Italia will appear under the Krakow shopping center – an unsurpassed benchmark in the super sport class. There will be a voucher for driving this unique car on Tor Kielce to be auctioned. Lovers of the classic cars will in turn be able to see automotive gems from the times of the PRL, with legendary “Warszawa” at the forefront. Under the MotoOrchestra stage, as always, there will also be a replica of the car of the tragically deceased rally driver Janusz Kulig – this time Ford Focus painted Mobil 1. Supporters of strong sensations will be able to enter the rollover simulator.

The organizers of the MotoOrchestra have prepared numerous auctions, the proceeds of which will be transferred to the account of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. The offer include, among others taxi drift ride or weekend with the BMW i3. All auctions can be found at this link.

Dancers from Egurrola Dance Studio Kraków will appear on the MotoOrchestra stage, as well as bands such as MaxCorner Crew, Coroecho Band and Bek-On Band.

The MotoOrchestra will take place as part of the 28th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, whose goal will be to raise money for the purchase of the latest medical equipment to save the lives and health of children in need of various types of surgery.

This is another finale of this great charity event supported by Ergo Store. The GOCC Foundation, in appreciations of long term cooperation, awarded us with a special statuette in 2016.

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