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How big shopping centers attract customers with store design

In big shopping malls shop fittings are a well-considered concept that encourages the customer to stay inside as long as possible. We suggest what solutions can be applied in almost every store, regardless of its size.

Every one of us happened to make unforeseen, spontaneous purchases. We are tempted by the promotions we get accidentally … but is our purchase path driven by accident? Nothing more wrong. Experts who design interior of chain stores know it well. In designing and equipping the stores, regardless of their size, there are always rules to follow. We suggest which solutions and tips used by large retail chains are worth implementing.

1. The first impression is crucial

The shop window should make the potential customer slow down and look inside the store. This is the “first line of battle” for the customer and the perfect way to create an original assortment of products – in designing the shop window you should use the visual merchandising rules. The impetus and seasonality of the shop windows that are adjusted to the seasons or holidays is a must today. Remember, however, that the frontal arrangement should not cover the interior of the store – everything inside must be available to the eye effortlessly. Shelves installed on shorter pins and hooks should not be hung too high. It is also worth to consider non-standard width of shelving systems.

2. Windows must shine

If your eyes are the windows of the soul, then shop windows are the eyes of our store. The front of the store must shine, literally and figuratively. In addition to the visually attractive concept of the window, the front part must be just perfectly clean – do not forget about it.

3Direct customers to the right

According to a survey of consumer behavior, after entering the shop we usually look left and then right and in this direction we put the first steps. We are thus going counterclockwise. Make sure the space to the right of the entrance is arranged into an attractive, eye-catching way to make the customer feel good. In hypermarkets, the garden section is often placed to the right of the entrance. Designers know that flowers usually evoke nice associations.

4. Use an angle in design

The most effective use of the store space is of course the placement of shelves parallel to the walls, thanks to this alleys lead us straight to the goal. However, if we have a few extra square feet of space, it is worth to consider curves. Light curves will make your walk around the shop more attractive, as long as you do not obstruct the customer from navigating through the interiors.

5. Design should “hug” the customer

Although it may seem fun, people have a U-shaped weakness because it evokes associations with arms ready for embrace – say some shopfitting experts. U-shaped space more effectively encourages entry because it gives an impression of a certain cosiness of space.

Ergo Store has a vast experience in designing and manufacturing of retail space fittings. Ergo Store will take new challenges in terms of design and production of shop equipment with pleasure. We offer comprehensive, innovative solutions that can effectively promote sales and brand image. Thanks to the back-developed organizational and experienced team of designers and engineers, Ergo Store may undertake other tasks in the design and equipment of any retail space.

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