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How do women buy? The ways to bring women to stationary stores

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars – a saying that has been around for centuries. Advertising specialists use the old quote to differentiate the marketing of their products depending on whether they are targeting women or men. So why shouldn’t shop furniture design be prepared according to this principle?

Research conducted by sensory marketing specialists shows that men are less sensitive to the reception of sensory impulses in the retail space. Much more often they focus their attention on the goal – the purchase of a specific thing. They strive to achieve the intended shopping goal, ignoring the sensory stimuli sent by the environment. Due to the greater stimulation of the senses, women more often have their favorite points of sale and are reluctant to change them. So, how can stores attract more female customers? Knowledge about how women buy can be the key.

Women like shopping. 

Due to the pandemic, more and more women started online shopping – “because they are compfortable and easy”. This proves that women like to have quick shopping, comfortable, without major obstacles and unpleasantness. Therefore, it is worth making the layout of the store space intuitive and well organized. Thanks to the appropriate distribution of shop furniture and equipment, you can control the movement of customers in the store. The interior should be spacious, orderly, it should allow free movement, but also space for reflection. Women also like to think carefully about the purchase, so you should not forget about a well-designed fitting room.

Jak kupują kobiety?

When a woman goes shopping, she looks for perfection.

While shopping, women look for their dream outfit. They immediately imagine where they will put it on, combining the most pleasant emotions with ordinary clothes. Therefore, the store space should help stimulate these magical experiences. An important element of a store is the storefront, which is a kind of invitation. It should be as encouraging and intriguing as possible – so that women want to discover what is behind it. As already mentioned, women often have their favorite stores and have little time to shop. It is not easy to find new clients, but it is not uncommon that it is thanks to the storefront that you can gain a new group of clients.

Jak kupują kobiety?

Women do research before shopping.

Before a woman looks for her dream styling, she tries to find inspiration in social media and then searches for the equivalents of the chosen clothes on the websites of stores. It is good if the sales strategy of stationary stores is based on frequent changes in store displays.

Following the trends of the so-called “Must have” of the season and their proper exposure are the main tasks of stationary tasks. Good lighting and clear space around the model are equally important.

To sum up, it is good when the concept of a stationary store targeted to women is introduced to evoke positive emotions and stimulate the senses. Market research and the needs of your customers should be reflected in the interior of the store.

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