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How to conquer the heart of a customer before he enters the store

There is no trade without competitiveness. Today, our products compete not only with offer of other stationary shops, but also with many rivals in the internet. How can we increase our chances? Let’s start from investing in eye-catching storefront.

While equipping shop, we primarily pay attention to its interior. But what about the external part ? Everyone watches it before deciding to enter inside. Front of the store should be designed with a real flourish, but also with common sense. We advise what should we keep in mind while creating a really great, eye-catching storefront.

1. Design is the point!

Storefront is like a business card. It’s more than a space in which we expose our logo. The shop window should symbolically give a foretaste of what is waiting for a client inside. If you only have a choice, it is better to choose large glazed shop fronts. It is important that front of our shop should blend with the architecture of the space that surrounds it. Intense, saturated colors and expressive, designed with taste labeling should effectively attract the attention of a potential customer.

2. Cleanliness is essential

Although it seems clear, not everyone remembers that even the best design can be effectively covered by dirt and it will leave potential customer in the belief that the staff does not care for cleanliness. Remember, our storefront must shine.

3. Empower your brand

Branding is often not associated with exposition in the shop window. This is a mistake. Front of the store should be engaging. It is worth to remember about arranging your storefront in order to “smuggle” elements characteristic for our brand, like the color of the logo. Experienced shopfitter will do it the best way. It is worth to entrust him this task.

4. Optimize your storefront

It is worth remembering that the field of view of man is linked with the speed of his gait. In practice: the faster we go, the smaller is the chance that we will draw attention to the shop with the narrow door. If our store is located in a busy area where people are moving fast, the entrance to the shop should be wide enough. The minimum width of the shop window is approx. 5 meters. Industry experts suggest that the optimum width is between 8 and 9 meters.

5. Be at your fingertips

Even the best designed store front will not produce the expected effect, if it does not allow the customer to get inside without any effort. If your budget allows to do it, think about investing in the automatic doors of the appropriate size. It is a space of greeting a potential client which should give him a sense of comfort.

In Ergo Store we specialise in the design and manufacture of retail space fittings. We offer comprehensive modern solutions which can effectively support brand sales and image. Our services mainly include design projects for chain stores, as well as manufacturing wall systems and free-standing furniture, including shipping and assembly. Thanks to our extensive organisational capabilities and experienced team of designers, engineers and construction specialists, we are also able to accept other orders related to designing and fitting out any commercial space. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and proposals.

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