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How to equip clothing store? Tips you should know

In the era of strong competition in the clothing sector, you should strengthen your chances of success by gaining a knowledge in many fields. One of them is certainly shopfitting. We suggest some solutions in this field which are worth to implement in the clothing store.

1. Understand your customer

While designing a shop it is worth to gain in advance valuable knowledge about your customer. What is our target group? These are key factors that will enable us to design our shop in a way that optimally suit the needs of our customers.

2. Remember about the “rule of three”

Visual merchandising specialists often design storefronts according to “rule of three”. It is about the fact that designers opt for a system of three objects in the exhibition, which gives the effect of some asymmetry. The human eye seeing something asymmetrical travels from object to object – it means that the eye scans the whole visual system. It is worth to remember it while designing the exhibition area of ​​our clothing store.

3. The light attracts attention and makes an atmosphere

On our blog we often underline a factthat lightning is very important part of the store. Selection of light has real influence on how potential customer can feel in our store. Spot lights will focus attention on featured products and the light panels giving a soft, soothing effect will help to build a pleasant atmosphere in the place. Lighting is an investment for years. It is not worth to save money on it.

4. Stay away from the “decompression zone”

At the entrance to the clothing store we rarely can find the product exposure. There is an explanation on it. As research shows, the majority of customers do not notice most of products located near the entrance. This is due to the fact that a person coming into a new space, uses the first moments of the stay for adaptation. This principle also works when you visit the store. Therefore, the space closest to the store entrance is called “decompression zone” and is not used as commercial space. However, you can think of additional lighting at the entrance to the store, and thus increase the chances of customer visit and will help him to adapt to the new location.

5. Layout is important

The interiors of the stylish ecological shop and clothing store will be designed in the different ways. Exposure of clothes and accessories works best with the rule of availability of exhibition space on all sides, so that the client can move freely between the assortment. This will increase the chance of impulsive buying a product that appealed unexpectedly while wandering around the store. It is worth to think through a project of shop equipment and to discuss it with a trusted shopfitter.

The company Ergo Store successfully provides services in the area of equipment production, project implementation and arrangement of the retail space. We are experienced in the production of wall systems and freestanding furniture, we also ensure their transportation and installation, domestically and abroad. Due to the developed back office and experienced team of designers, engineers and constructors, Ergo Store can also undertake other tasks in designing and equipping any commercial space.

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Second More & More shop prepared by Ergo Store according to the new concept

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New Ergo Store productions for LPP group in Russia and Poland

At the turn of the third and fourth quarter of 2020, we had the pleasure in carrying out other projects for our regular client and that is LPP group. The newly produced shops can be found in the capital city Moscow and Chorzów.

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