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How to use heat maps to arrange the interior and product placement in the store

Heat maps are a form of visual presentation of customer behavior in the store using colors of varying intensity. Thanks to maps, we can analyze various aspects of the store’s operation and optimize sales.

Below we describe two examples of heat maps usage.

Showing sell through data 

Heat maps allow you to check how many products from the warehouse resources have been sold. We can check which places in the shop generated the biggest sales. With such data, the store owner can optimize store resources, e.g. move products with a low sell-through rate to a more highly foot-trafficked area, lower the price, introduce promotions and rebates or order less of product that record poor sales results.

Price regulation (pricing)

Arranging products by price key is one of visual merchandising tactics. Its element is, among others, placing cheaper products near POS materials, and more expensive ones at the end of the store so that the customer would find them at the end of the shopping path.

Another tactic is to place products with similar prices close together. For example, if you combine pants for 100 euros with pants for 20 euros, the customer may get embarrassed and start wondering why there is such a price discrepancy. The aim of the seller should be to direct the consumer to act, not to analyze. Heat maps allow you to check in which store locations product prices may be unbalanced. This allows for more efficient product range management and possible product shifts.

These are just two examples of the use of heat maps. The advantage of this tool is presenting data in a simple and transparent way, which is often complex and complicated. Heat maps are a “secret weapon” in analytical solutions that allows you to increase sales in the store.

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