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Monobrand store – the best way to experience the brand

Stores dedicated to one brand gives not only the possibility of exposure of the entire range of products from one manufacturer in one place. This gives the opportunity to experience the brand in a way that multibrand stores offer only to a limited extent.

Monobrand store is a good solution for companies with a wide range of products or offering luxury goods. A good example from the first group might be sport brands. For example, in multi-brand stores we can find typically approx. 5-10 percent of products, which Nike offers in its catalog. These proportions change radically in favor of the brand.

In monobrand store brand does not have to compete for customers’ attention with other products, but the challenge for the creator of the concept is huge. It particularly works  regarding to luxury brands mentioned above. For example, it applies to perfume houses: the amount of exposed products is smaller, but the quality of exposure plays a key role.

New monobrand stores are now opened in Poland. These are both flagship stores, shop-in-shops and outlets devoted to one brand.

Recently, such stores have been opened by brands like Converse and Skechers. Towards single-brand stores in Poland is also heading the Pandora brand. – We focus on selling our products in concept stores or in shop-in-shops, but only with our furniture, our way of exposition–explained in an interview for Retailnet, Dorota Pomacho-Pątkiewicz, managing director of Pandora Jewelry CEE Sp. o.o.

Ergo Store produced in recent years a number of monobrand stores such as shop-in-shops for Levi Strauss group. Our projects can be seen, among others, in England, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

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testSklep Sinsay w Legnicy przygotowany przez Ergo Store
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Sinsay store in Legnica prepared by Ergo Store

The Sinsay brand from the LPP group is rapidly expanding in Poland and abroad. We are glad that we can contribute to the development of its chain of stores. One of our latest productions is a shop at EDS Retail Park in Legnica.

testKolejny sklep Sinsay w Bośni i Hercegowinie przygotowany przez Ergo Store
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Another Sinsay store in Bosnia and Herzegovina prepared by Ergo Store

We are returning to the Balkans with a new project for the LPP group. After Sinsay shops prepared in Sarajevo and Zenica, it is time for another store of this brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This time we produced it in Gracanica.

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