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New productions for Levi’s in Germany, France, Spain and Poland

November 2017 is a period of intensive cooperation with our regular client – Levi’s. New productions for this legendary jeans brand include shop in shops and monobrand stores in Germany, France, Spain and Poland.

By the end of November we will finish assembly works in Hannover and Munich in Germany, Badajoz in Spain, as well as in Bordeaux and Montelimar in France.  All of the listed projects are shop-in-shops, the largest of which are shops in Munich and Badajoz. The first one is located in the Kaufhof shopping mall, the second in the El Corte Inglés shopping center. Kaufhof is a chain of shopping malls in the largest German cities known for its wide range of offered products, including premium brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Gucci.  In turn, El Corte Inglés shopping center in Badajoz in Spain on 9 floors offers clothing and accessories, sports equipment, home furnishings and toys.

In the final phase there are also two projects for Levi’s in Wroclaw. The first one is a shop located in Factory Outlet – it is worth to mention its area, which is 225 square meters. The second is the monobrand store in Wroclavia shopping center – the assembly is planned for the beginning of December 2017. We remind that in Wroclavia – a new shopping center in the capital of Lower Silesia, opened in the location of former bus station – we have already produced stores of five LPP brands.

All Levi’s stores are prepared with a detailed concept. For production we use materials such as wood, plywood, steel and glass. Important elements of the interior design are mirrors and illuminated graphics. It is also worth mentioning that fitting out Levi’s retail space requires a number of environmental and sustainability standards  and that the materials should have special, ecological certificates.

Our cooperation with Levi’s brand is a long-term project. On the map of our productions for this brand in 2017 we will find such cities as Rome, Milan, Paris, Budapest, Bucharest, Glasgow or Madrid. Most of these productions are shop in shops, but there are also monobrand stores. We will keep you upadated about new projects.

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