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Online shop handover – how does Ergo Store work during a pandemic?

At Ergo Store, we responded to these exceptional conditions by introducing several special solutions aimed at increasing security, while maintaining the highest quality of our services. Such a solution are, among others, remote handovers of shops.

How is the shop handover carried out in a traditional way, i.e. stationary? As we always provide best service to our partners, each of our team is presented on-site during handover of projects. We go through each object and discuss points which requires attention – we provide detailed troubleshooting on them.

2020 year brought us challenges to accomplish this task – travel to some clients due to international and local restrictions might be not timely efficient for both parts.

We and our clients value the time. Therefore, we are implementing special solution – online/remote handover.

Remote handover in a stationary shop – how does it work?

After assembling furniture on-site, using an application specifically developed for us, we make a virtual round on the object with a help of our assembly teams, defining points which requires attention, if needed troubleshooting them instantly. Then together with a client we define date and time of handover. On a handover day we are ready to make another remote round with a partner. Comments and feedback are noted down in a handover document and if there is a need of troubleshooting, we provide it after handover process finished. Then we provide final results to a client. Done!

Remote handover is a practise we implement in our company to reflect on changing conditions. Thus our clients always have a choice how to perform handover – on-site or online.

All photos and videos taken during handover process are automatically uploaded to our platform – SMARTSTORE. This helps us control and follow up project delivery on every step of realization – from first order in a beginning to satisfied client in the end.

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Ergo Store prepared new More & More shops in Belgium and Germany

Munich, Singen, Lahr in Germany and Leuven in Belgium are the cities in which we can find new More & More shops prepared by Ergo Store in the first quarter of 2021.

testwyposażenie sklepów Gant w meble
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The flagship Gant store in the heart of Paris prepared by Ergo Store

A unique location - Saint Germain boulevard in Paris and a unique client - the favorite brand of students of prestigious universities - Gant. We remind our project from autumn 2019, when we prepared the flagship Gant store in the heart of the French capital.

ul. Płk. Ryszarda Kuklińskiego 17A
30-720 Kraków

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