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Reserved new showroom concept implemented by the Ergo Store

Since 20th May, the customers of the Morena Gallery in Gdańsk, can see the new face of the retail shop of the LPP group flagship brand.

Thanks to the renovation works, Morena Gallery gained additional 13 thousand m2 of rental area and now it is over 33 thousand m2 all together. The Reserved store was also changed. Thanks to it, the shop area is now three times bigger than before.

The new concept of Reserved in Morena is the result of action taken by the group last year, in order to refresh the interior of the stores of the LPP brands. The new arrangement of the Reserved retail shops acts as the brand’s face lifting and it creates a concise image of the man’s, the woman’s and the children’s zones,  that share one space. That is why, all the new Reserved shops  are opened within the frames of the “light loft” concept.

The author of the Reserved retail shops concept is the Studio 1:1 project office from Gdańsk. Based on their project, the Ergo Store started and implemented manufacture of furniture which can be fund by the customer in the LPP group member brand shops.

Within the frames of cooperation with the LPP group, we produced many retail shops in Europe and Asia. One of the latest realizations is the Reserved shop in Essen, Germany. Its official opening was done at the end of April  [LINK]. Now, we shall find the Polish brand in the very centre of the town.

We shall inform about the realizations of the Ergo Store for the LPP group on an ongoing basis.

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New stores for LPP group in Belgrade prepared by Ergo Store

The time of increased caution associated with the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the suspension of several projects we were working on in the first quarter of 2020.

testProdukcja mebli sklepowych – kolejne realizacje Ergo Store dla grupy LPP
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Retail furniture manufacturing – another Ergo Store productions for the LPP group

Refreshing the Reserved store in the Millenium Hall shopping center in Rzeszów is our next production for the LPP group this year.

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