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Store and storefront design. How does the Ergo Store design department work?

The Ergo Store design department works closely with the client at every stage of the work – from the idea, through the working version, developing the vision, detailed 2D and 3D visualizations as well as samples, prototypes and in the end the final product. This applies to the design of shops, shop windows and for example stands for market events.

As part of the design department, the creative team focuses on creating projects that match the brand’s image. The production and technical-engineering team deals with the implementation of projects. The first one is responsible for the production documentation of the local space, the so-called design intent development, which includes preparing visualizations of 2D and 3D, local space arrangements, furniture arrangements, etc.

The technical and engineering team contributes to the so-called value engineering by bringing the necessary portions of technical knowledge to the project, which includes technical and technological consultations, selection of material samples, prototyping, implementation and production documentation of furniture.

Thanks to our technical and technological background, we could take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the production of prototype stores or the implementation of interesting concepts. A good example of that can be the Dockers showroom in the new concept, presented in the industrial hall of the Danish capital Copenhagen in December 2015, or the Reserved showroom in the center of Warsaw made by us in 2017.

When preparing shop windows for our clients, we combine various techniques and technologies – the shop windows we make include both free – standing elements, suspended from the ceiling, glued to the glass or placed on the walls of the shop window.

Last year, we distributed website designs on several European markets (including Croatia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary) and Asian markets (Russia, Kazakhstan). Our portfolio includes implementation of store websites for brands such as Adidas or Reebok.

We prepared, among other things, global sports  brand campaigns on franchise shop windows during Euro 2012 which was held in Poland and Ukraine.

While designing storefronts, we also had the opportunity to collaborate with many premium brands. Our storefronts for brands in this segment can be found throughout Europe.

Premium brands always evoke strong emotions among fashion fans around the world in the production of shop windows, which is connected with the necessity of obeying many regulations and restrictions such as: confidentiality and trade secret clauses. For this reason, not all productions for customers of this segment can be boasted here. Our design department has also dealt with designing stands for trade fair events like for More & More, and we have prepared stands for the prestigious fashion markets like Panorama Berlin several times.

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