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Store that attracts customers like a magnet? There are ways to achieve it

How to attract potential customer successfully? This is a question that shopfitters hear at work frequently.

Today we suggest several easy ways, not necessarily from our manual of good shopfitting, which for sure are worth to get to know if you have a shop.

An attractive and functional fit out of a store is the effect of shopfitter’s work. Each project is a challenge. Work becomes particularly demanding, when the production is being realized in a large city, where retail space saturation is high and customers are familiarized with a wide range of brands and their products. Therefore, much depends on the quality of staff’s service in the shop, but what we also find important is the brand’s activity in social media. What is worth knowing in those aspects? Below we gathered simple advices that go beyond typical shopfitting tasks and activities, but without doubt we find them having influence on the brand’s image in the eyes of customers.

1. Mesmerize your customer
Although this might sound a bit like an advice before your first date, building good relationships starts with engaging, friendly and supportive attitude and showing the knowledge that can impress but not intimidate. Such staff will win customers’ hearts. Let us keep our employees competent, open to people and distinguished by their good manners.

2. Use boredom as a tool
When it rains, not only children are bored. How many of us got caught by a sudden drizzle when we were about to leave a cafeteria or stood at the bus stop waiting for a tram that was not showing up? We often take out our smartphones to scroll through social media’s newsfeed. It is a good time to promote the brand instantaneously on Facebook or Instagram, offering special discounts in the brick-and-mortar store or online. A well-optimized social media campaign will reach the right people… Bad weather, in spite of appearances, has the potential to help.

3. There is always a room for a pop-up store
The benefits of the pop-up model have already been described many times on our blog. This is a formula that is becoming more and more popular, allowing you to go beyond the conventional retail space. A clothing store in a popular fitness studio or a small mobile spot with aromatic espresso in the park can attract crowds.

These three ideas are proven methods to draw customer’s attention. A well-trained staff is a priceless investment. Short-term offers and pop-up stores will earn more than enough to return their costs. Undoubtedly, other solutions worth implementing are a well-thought-out visual identification or implementing new technological solutions (like “smart” mirrors in wardrobes). However, implementing simple facilities is the easiest way to make the customer feel comfortable in our store. An advise from an experienced shopfitter and his support will certainly translate into the desired effects.

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