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The first Burton shop in Sweden prepared by Ergo Store

The flagship store of snowboard brand in Stockholm is one of the projects we had the opportunity to work on in the fourth quarter of 2020. The American producer of snowboard equipment is a new client in our portfolio.

he store, which was opened on October 15, 2020 is part of the so-called Burton Hub – a special concept that is a combination of a stationary store, showroom and office. This concept had already been introduced in other European cities – Innsbruck, Munich or Zurich.

Burton Hub in Stockholm is therefore not only the first stationary store of this brand in Sweden, but also anchor point for Burton’s business in Scandinavia.

Burton is currently one of the biggest snowboard equipment companies in the world. Established in 1977 is still the market leader. Some people call this brand a “Nike of snowboarding”. The company has made a huge contribution to the development of this winter discipline – Burton popularizes snowboarding, organizes competitions and sponsors the best players in the world.

Equipping Burton shop in Stockholm

We are glad that we could support the expansion of this iconic sport brand on the Scandinavian market. Our company was responsible for the production of retail furniture, preparing technical documentation, as well as the assembly of furniture and equipment – we conducted it in the first week of October 2020. The area of ​​the shop we prepared is 400 sq m. The first customers praised a big selection of products and professional service. All those who would like to form their own opinion about the company’s offer are welcome to Norrlandsgatan 20 in Stockholm.

The Burton flagship store was another Ergo Store production in Sweden and the Scandinavian countries. In 2018, we prepared a Dockers shop-in-shop in the center of Stockholm. Our first production in Scandinavia was the LEE showroom, prepared in 2016 in Algard on the south-west coast of Norway. We have also produced the LEE store, among others in the Norwegian city of Vetsby, and in the capital of Finland – Helsinki, we produced the More & More showroom. In turn, in 2019, supporting LPP in its debut on the Finnish market, we prepared stores of five brands from its portfolio in Helsinki. More information about Ergo Store projects in Scandinavia can be found in the blog archives.

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