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Trek Bicycle is the new Ergo Store client – the first productions in the Netherlands are behind us

We have started cooperation with Trek Bicycle –  the very popular brand among bicycle lovers. The first project is two stores in the Netherlands – in Rotterdam and Nijmegen.

The shop in Rotterdam is located at Jonker Fransstraat – a street in the center of the second largest city in the Netherlands. The address of the store in Nijmegen is Hatertseweg 486. Both projects were a great challenge for us due to the above-standard scope of work. And so, in addition to retail furniture manufacturing, we have modified their construction elements, proposing new technical solutions to the client. In both locations, we also carried out interior renovations, which included equation and painting walls, wallpapering or renovation of sanitary rooms. We also dealt with the transport of furniture and assembly, which was carried out in December 2018 (Nijmegen) and January 2019 (Rotterdam). The store in Nijmegen was opened at the end of December 2018, while the shop in Rotterdam was already open in the new year on January 10.

A characteristic element of Trek Bicycle shops is the unadorned interior design, in which special attention is paid to the contrast between the bright laminate used on the furniture and raw, dark steel, which is an important structural element of furniture, also present in other elements of store equipment. The cool interior is warmed by raw wood boards placed on the walls to which the metal profiles have been attached. The designers of Trek Bicycle stores attach great importance to the functionality of the furniture, which is a priority for their finishing, hence the use of numerous metal elements that are used to increase the strength of furniture.

The Trek Bicycle brand is the largest bicycle company in the United States and one of the industry leaders in the world. Since its founding  in 1975, the company has focused on the quality of the products, putting special attention to innovation and development of the R&D department. The company developed, among others, carbon frame, which was presented for the first time in 1992. Currently it has  2 thousand employees, finding many loyal followers among two wheels lovers around the world.

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New production for Dockers in Barcelona

Dockers shop in the sunny capital of Catalonia is another foreign project that Ergo Store accomplished in the third quarter of 2020. This time we had the pleasure to prepare a monobrand store in L'illa Diagonal shopping mall.

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Levi’s shop in the biggest shopping mall in Kosovo prepared by Ergo Store

Albi Mall in Prishtina, Kosovo is the location where we prepared another production for Levi's. The newly opened shop by this legendary brand opened its door to the first customers by the end of August.

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