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Visual merchandising – How to arrange an effective shop window on a small budget?

The storefront is a kind of invitation into the store, it is the most representative part of the commercial space. It attracts attention and presents new products. So it seems that the storefront is a high-budget project. It does not have to be like this. In this text we will suggest how to tweak your shop “showcase” with simple and inexpensive solutions.

Shop windows – affordable tricks for the promotion of a brick-and-mortar store


1. Stickers for shop windows

There is no easier way to make your storefront attractive than stickers. Thanks to them, you can change not only the windows but also the facade of the building. This is a way not only to increase the attractiveness of the store, but also to provide relevant information to customers, e.g. about promotions. We can design such a sticker individually or buy ready-made patterns. Labels are made of vinyl material, resistant to air conditioning, sun rays, rain and frost.

Jak zaaranżować efektowną witrynę sklepową przy małym budżecie?

(Photo: behace.net)

2. Items repetition

The surfeit arouses interest! Multiplication increases the power of the message, even if the repetitive element seems trivial. Interior design and music have their own rhythm. In the arrangement of space, rhythm is based on the use of visual repetition. To achieve this effect, you can use repeating lines, forms, colors and textures in your design. This gives the impression of movement. You can use, for example, sticky notes, balloons, umbrellas or other elements. The repetition of small objects will make them more visible. However, it should be remembered that too many repetitions can lead to monotony, on the other hand – too little leads to disorder and chaos.

Visual merchandising - jak zaaranżować efektowną witrynę sklepową przy małym budżecie?

Photo: twitter.com/Fendi/

Visual merchandising - jak zaaranżować efektowną witrynę sklepową przy małym budżecie?

Photo: windowdisplaybangkok.blogspot.com/

3.  Paper decorations for shop windows

It is an unexpensive solution that we can easily make and install. Paper decorations offer great artistic possibilities. We can use them in various thematic or seasonal versions. They look good in repetitions. The holiday season is on, so it is worth thinking about the summer version of the storefront. Crafts can be a good way to decorate a space. In the internet you will find many examples of shop windows that are inspired by the sea or the beach.

Visual merchandising - blog Ergo Store

Photo: adoroarquitetura.com.br/vitrines-de-natal/

4. Typography on the storefront

We can also attract customers’ attention with fancy lettering. Our shop window can “talk” – inform, ask and even joke. With the help of letters, you can create word games that will intrigue passers-by. An interesting solution can also be graffiti, which will attract attention of young people. Letters (or whole inscriptions) can be made from the store’s equipment. We put on, for example, trousers or other products on the wire forms of letters.

Photo: suadecoracao.com

5. Strong colors – fabrics, cardboard, paints.

Expressive colors attract the eye, arouse interest. Thanks to simple measures, your shop window can outshine neighboring boutiques. Sometimes it is enough to paint the wall with the appropriate color to attract the attention of passers-by. It does not have to be a large area, sometimes adding one strong color will make the shop window unique.

Visual merchandising - jak zaaranżować efektowną witrynę sklepową przy małym budżecie?

Photo: voguebusiness.com

Less is more. However, you have to be moderate and careful. Visual merchandising does not have to be expensive, all you need is a good eye, imagination and a little artistic skill to make your storefront look like an exclusive “invitation”. Frequent changes to the exhibition are very important, they arouse interest, which in turn generates more traffic in the store. That is why it is worth knowing how to easily refresh the space of a stationary store.

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