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Why is it worth to count on an experienced shopfitter?

At a time when market competition is becoming more sophisticated, one of the method to succeed is investing in the shop equipment and cooperation with trusted shopfitter.

Everyone wants to make his shop popular and then transfer this popularity into profits and satisfaction of customers. When our goal is to stand out from the competititors, it is worth to take a closer look at the benefits that will bring investment in shop equipment.  Experienced shopfitter can give you a helping hand. Why is it worth to trust him?

1. Good shopfitting is a comprehensive shopfitting.

Trustworthy professionals will not only supply our store, but they can also design it from the very beginning and then take care of the installation of equipment and ensure its quality after our shop is produced. Preparing  such a high quality “package of ideas and services” is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It also requires experience. Therefore, it is worth to entrust  designing  and equipping of our shop to good shopfitter.

2. Design matters

In perfect  interior of the shop the sense of aesthetics is combined with quality, functionality and comfort of shopping. To resolve these issues we should look for professional shopfitter. Thanks to cooperation with him equipping and production of our shop will be proceeded without any designer “glitches”.

3. Expert eye can find mistakes

Shop equipment is an issue that can cause a headache. Good shopfitting requires knowledge and experience. Without knowledge, we can make a number of mistakes, so time-consuming process of planning and implementation of the project of the store should be entrusted to those who have  been doing it for years.

4. Good equipment maximizes sales opportunities

Attractive store window is the key, but not the only element of a good shop equipment. Appropriate distribution of the products inside the store allows the customer not only to find them easily, but it will also increase the likelihood of generating interest to them and purchase. These are the issues that should be entrusted to a good shopfitter.

5. Less is more

In well-designed and equipped store, customer can find himself intuitively and support from the salesperson will apply to consultations on the range and finalizing the purchase. A well designed space will reduce unnecessary expansion of staff.

The Ergo Store company specializes in the designing and manufacturing of retail space fittings. We offer comprehensive, innovative solutions that can effectively promote company sales and brand image. Our services cover projects’ designing, as well as manufacturing wall systems and freestanding furniture including their shipping and assembly. Thanks to the back-developed organizational and experienced team of designers and engineers, Ergo Store may undertake other tasks in the design and equipment of any retail space.

We deliver and install our furniture all over Europe and beyond it on East markets.

On the picture: Ergo Store production for Cropp in Jaworzno city

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New production for Dockers in Barcelona

Dockers shop in the sunny capital of Catalonia is another foreign project that Ergo Store accomplished in the third quarter of 2020. This time we had the pleasure to prepare a monobrand store in L'illa Diagonal shopping mall.

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Levi’s shop in the biggest shopping mall in Kosovo prepared by Ergo Store

Albi Mall in Prishtina, Kosovo is the location where we prepared another production for Levi's. The newly opened shop by this legendary brand opened its door to the first customers by the end of August.

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