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New Ergo Store realization in the Louvre in Paris

We are proud to announce a new realization of Ergo Store company. In Printemps du Louvre, in cooperation with the French architectural bureau, we completed a project of Louvre Solaire store. In shop’s offer we can find sunglasses from brands such as Dior and Chloé.

The latest Ergo Store production in the capital of France was created in collaboration with our partner – the French department of well-known architectural bureau, which designed the interior of Louvre Solaire store.

Louvre Solaire store was produced in the summer – first customers visited it in mid-July 2016. Inside we can find sunglasses of brands such as Chloé, Rayban, Tom Ford and Dior. Salon has approx. 20 square metres and the interior is designed in a simple, but elegant style.

Furniture, which was designed by our French colleagues, was made from MDF with a recently popular natural oak veneer. The character is added by backlit elements made of acrylic glass as well as mirrors. It is worth mentioning that in the store we used MDF coated with a special blend of paint. The aim was to keep the consistency of the store interior with the Printemps du Louvre concept – all cabinets in the gallery are in fact finished in the same color.

Louvre Solaire store is located in a shopping center Printemps du Louvre. The center is located at 99 rue Rivoli in the first district of Paris and is the only exclusive shopping center in town open on Sundays. Interestingly, straight from the two-storey Printemps du Louvre, we can get to the famous Louvre – one of the largest and most famous museums in the world.

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