Shopfitting companies

Shopfitting companies are facing a great challenge today. The growing role of e-commerce means that stationery stores must offer a customer a shopping experience unique enough to encourage him to visit the store. This is the role of shopfitting companies, which are responsible for the preparation of stylish and functional solutions in a commercial space.

Experience is a priority

When browsing shopfitting companies’ offers, it’s worth choosing the ones that can show the adequate experience. Ergo Store is a shopfitting company that has been working in an international environment for over 12 years, running 300 projects a year. Its offer includes comprehensive FF&E solutions including: design of commercial interiors, retail furniture development and manufacturing, transport and logistics, installation and maintenance services. Not every shopfitting company can, like Ergo Store, boast of cooperation with over 150 production partners.


Logistics is another important issue when browsing shopfitting companies’ offers. An efficient logistics management is one of the advantages of cooperation with Ergo Store. Our shopfitting company can deliver FF&E it has manufactured to any place in Europe, Asia or Middle East.

For each of the shopfitting companies a construction site is also an important matter. A part of it is assembly of the manufactured furniture. In Ergo Store it is carried out by experienced and qualified assembly teams. The company cooperates with over 12 in-house professional teams, guaranteeing the highest standard and safety of conducted works.

The final result of Ergo Store efforts is a project consistent with the Client’s vision and expectations.

Shopfitting companies

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