Shopfitting – know how

Buying or renting a retail space in a prestigious location is most often a large investment but also a real chance of a profit. It must be remembered that the location is not everything. Equally important are the shop fittings. Good shopfitter designs and executes interior space in such a way that will maximize the return of an investment.

We take care of everything

Ergo Store company is engaged in comprehensive retail shopfitting solutions. Our offer includes not only the layout and design of the interior, but also production of entire furniture systems, their delivery, and assembly at the destination. We are an experienced shopfitting supplier, with completed projects throughout Europe and the Middle East, Turkey and Russia. We have, at our disposal, an experienced team of specialists, who delivers more than 200 implementations per year. Thanks to our knowledge and over 10 years of experience, we are able to design and manufacture retail shop fittings, which are consistent with the strategy of the brand.

Modern solutions

Shopfitting suppliers are looking for the best design solutions and technology and with 3D visualizations, our Clients can realistically see the future look of the planned retail space. Such solutions can also found in the offer of Ergo Store.

We look forward to our cooperation.

Thank you.

Shopfitting - know how

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