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The series of Ergo Store productions for the Dockers brand in France and Spain

Spring 2018 was a time of our intense work for the Dockers brand. The result of this is stores in several French and Spanish cities.

In France, it was a men’s shop-in-shops prepared in Lille, Rouen, Le Havre, and Tours. All are located in Printemps department stores. This is a retail chain whose history dates back to 1865 and the main store is located on the boulevard of Haussmann in Paris. Apart from top brands such as Calvin Klein, Gucci or Karl Lagerfeld, in Printemps department stores we will find an offer of clothes signed by young designers (including Damir Doma, Christopher Raeburn and Undercover). In addition to the Printemps chain, we also prepared a Dockers store in another prestigious department store – Lafayette Gallery in Nice, where we also produced a Levi’s store lately.

The scope of Ergo Store’s work in the mentioned locations included the arrangement of stores, retail furniture manufacturing, transport and assembly – all assembly work was carried out at the beginning of April 2018.

At the same time as in France, we also prepared Dockers stores in Spain – we can find them in cities such as Valladolid, Sevilla, Malaga and La Coruña. There we also dealt with the arrangement of stores, furniture manufacturing, transport and assembly.

These projects do not exhaust the list of this year’s production for the Dockers brand in Spain and France. At the end of June, the new Dockers store will be open in the Lafayette Gallery in Dijon and in parallel we are also preparing stores in the Spanish cities of Vigo and Santiago.

Dockers is a brand established in 1986, specializing in men’s business casual clothing. Her trademark is khaki pants. Dockers also has a women collection. The brand belongs to the Levi Strauss group, with whom we have been cooperating for years.

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