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Sztuka ekspozycji produktów na witrynie sklepowej
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The art of displaying products in a storefront

A storefront is an invitation to the interior of the store, designed in accordance with the principles of visual merchandising will help attract new customers.

Jak zaplanować zmiany ekspozycji w sklepie stacjonarnym?
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How to plan changes to the display in a stationary store? Visual merchandising calendar

Planning a display change strategy is a part of the work of a visual merchandiser. Sales are set by dates - holidays, anniversaries etc. - all this increases the traffic in the store. The visual merchandising calendar is a schedule for changing shop windows and displays at the same time.

Visual merchandising - blog Ergo Store
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Visual merchandising – How to arrange an effective shop window on a small budget?

Storefront attracts attention and presents new products. So it seems that the storefront is a high-budget project. It does not have to be like this. In this text we will suggest how to tweak your shop "showcase” with simple and inexpensive solutions.

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