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Effective Visual Merchandising: How to create a shop window that will attract customer’s attention?

Research shows that 80% of customers decide to visit the store under the influence of the shop window. Storefronts are an inseparable part of the brand’s image, the more important because they are responsible for the first impression. When designing it, it may be helpful to know the principles of visual merchandising – thanks to the application of several rules, our shop window can attract more customers to the store. Inspiration can also be provided by studying new design trends.

  1. Change your display often

Although holidays and seasons last  for a long time, the shelf life of promoted and exposed products is much shorter. That is why it is worth juggling the offer and compiling products in various configurations. In a new surroundings, our product can gain a new life. In the case of shopping centers, displays should be exchanged every 3 weeks, while in the case of shops located on high streets it is worth to do it even more often.

  1. Show off customers their wants

Do not display products that the customer already needs. Use the shop window to make him aware of new needs. For example, if the customer is looking for a “normal” blender for mixing dishes, present him at the display a product with higher positioning – eg a multifunctional robot of the new generation.

  1. Display one product that will attract the others

In large stores, items in a group are the best, with one central product that focuses attention. Products can be compiled both according to their use (eg accessories for brewing and drinking tea), as well as, for example, according to colors – the combination that attracts the most attention is red, white and black.

  1. Highlight key products

Use lighting to display the latest and most expensive products from the offer.

  1. Pig in the window

An element completely incompatible with the others can attract the attention of the customer who will ask himself “What’s going on?” And will start to look more closely at the display.

  1. Put words to it

In a visible place, put a few words referring to your display. The text should be short and easy to read.

  1. Show prices

Make sure that information on prices is available for exposed products. Nobody likes to ask the seller the question “How much does it cost?”

  1. Follow trends

In the era of growing popularity of online shopping, stationary stores must especially fight for the attention of customers, looking for new solutions for the design of storefronts. One of the noteworthy trends is storytelling, according to which the task of the storefront is to tell the story of the brand and its products. An example is the Bergdorf Goodman store website in New York.

Skuteczny Visual Merchandising: Jak stworzyć wystawę, która przyciągnie uwagę klienta?

Another trend is composing store displays based on materials used in everyday life. For preparation of the Anthropologie store display there was used, among others, clothes hangers, paint cans or books.

Skuteczny Visual Merchandising: Jak stworzyć wystawę, która przyciągnie uwagę klienta?

Other trends include manufacturing retail furniture designed specifically for the dispay, which differ from the furniture inside the store, or interactive displays prepared on the basis of the latest technologies.

Despite the changes that modern retail is undergoing, the storefront remains a key element that builds the customer experience and influences his decision to visit the store. The storefront should be designed in accordance with the basic rules of visual merchandising. New trends in design can be an inspiration for non-standard solutions and ideas.

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