AErgo Store przygotowało dwa sklepy Dockers w Lyonie
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Ergo Store prepared two Dockers shops in Lyon

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Dockers brand for years, and in recent months, we have added to our portfolio two new shops in Lyon, France.

AProjekty Ergo Store na Bałkanach: produkcja salonu Sinsay w Serbii
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Ergo Store Projects in the Balkans: Production of Sinsay Store in Serbia

The Sinsay store we produced in Aleksandrovac, Serbia, is one of the first Ergo Store projects dated 2024.

AMateriały przyjazne dla środowiska w produkcji mebli sklepowych: perspektywa zrównoważonej przyszłości
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Sustainable Materials in Retail Furniture Production: A Future Direction for Eco-Development

In today's world, where sustainable development becomes a priority across various industries, the production of retail furniture and equipment is following the path towards a more environmentally friendly approach.

AErgo Store dla grupy LPP: kolejny salon Sinsay w Bośni i Hercegowinie ukończony
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Ergo Store for the LPP Group: Another Sinsay store completed in Bosnia and Herzegovina

2023 was another year of intensive work for the LPP Group in the Balkans. One of our many projects in this region was the Sinsay store, which we produced in the town of Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

AProdukcja mebli sklepowych w 2024 roku - perspektywy branży
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Retail furniture production in 2024 – industry outlook

The retail furniture industry is an important sector of the economy. Shop furniture constitutes an integral part of every retail space, significantly influencing its image and sales.

AKolejne produkcje Ergo Store dla marki Sinsay na Słowacji
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Another Ergo Store Productions for the Sinsay Brand in Slovakia

Trencin and Komarno - these are Slovak cities where, at the end of 2023, we prepared additional Sinsay brand stores from the LPP group.

AZasady efektywnego montażu sklepów – organizacja, zarządzanie i rozwiązywanie wyzwań
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Principles of Effective Store Assembly – Organization, Management and Overcoming Challenges

Store installation is a crucial stage in the production of a shop, requiring precision, planning, and collaboration among many individuals. What are the secrets to effective store installation? Here are a few pieces of advice that will make this process not only efficient but also smooth.

AErgo Store przygotowało salon More & More w Stuttgarcie
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Ergo Store prepared the More & More store in Stuttgart

In the Königsbau Passagen shopping center, our client decided to open a monobrand store - a retail format that he uses relatively rarely.

AErgo Store przygotowało salon House w Rumunii
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Ergo Store prepared a House store in Romania

In 2023, we thoroughly modernized the House store - a brand from the LPP group - located in the Iulius Mall shopping center în Timișoara, the main city in western Romania.

AErgo Store przygotowało 
sklep Dockers w Madrycie
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New Dockers shop produced by Ergo Store in Madrid

In Ergo Store, we specialize in meticulously crafting retail spaces, ensuring high-quality furniture with a commitment to environmental sustainability and workplace comfort. We adhere to the highest standards of sustainable development. Another production is behind us - the Dockers shop in Madrid.

AŚwiąteczny Pop-Up Store - jak sprzedawcy wykorzystują święta by zwiększyć sprzedaż?
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The Christmas Pop-Up Store – how retailers are using Christmas to boost sales?

Christmas not only brings the atmosphere of joy and sharing but also provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to create a unique shopping experience for customers. One of the most effective ways to achieve this goal is to launch a Christmas pop-up store.

AErgo Store wyprodukowało dwa sklepy Dockers w Marsylii
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Ergo Store produced two Dockers stores in Marseille

Once again, we had the opportunity to work for Dockers in the country by the Seine. This time, we prepared new stores for the brand known for its khaki-colored clothing in Marseille.

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