ASklep jak dom - jak architektura mieszkalna przeniknęła do wnętrza sklepów
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Store like home – how the residential architecture influenced interior design of shops

There is no place like home! - it is a saying that probably everyone heard. The atmosphere that accompanies us at home is something unique, difficult to recreate elsewhere.

AErgo Store wyprodukowało sklepy czterech marek LPP w Jekaterynburgu
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Ergo Store has produced stores of four LPP brands in Yekaterinburg

We have completed work on four stores from the LPP portfolio. This time, in Yekaterinburg, located in the Asian part of Russia, we have prepared stores of Reserved and Mohito, as well as stores of brands targeted to younger customers - Cropp and House.

AKolejna produkcja dla grupy LPP w Wałbrzychu
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Another production for the LPP group in Wałbrzych

The Ergo Store team has completed work on another production for the Sinsay brand from the LPP portfolio. This time we have produced a shop for the Sinsay brand in Wałbrzych, in the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship.

AA store of the future - technological news from the world
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A store of the future – technological news from the world

We live in dynamic times, the world his becoming more and more digital. The pandemic has accelerated this process. Teaching and remote work have become normal. Stationery stores are strongly competing with ecommerce. A considerable challenge awaits them to meet big requirements of a modern customer.

ANowe sklepy Dockers we francuskiej stolicy mody przygotowane przez Ergo Store
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New Dockers stores in the French capital of fashion prepared by Ergo Store

Another productions for the Dockers brand in Paris are behind us. Both shops were prepared in July 2021.

AVisual Merchandising w branży beauty – jak zwiększyć sprzedaż kosmetyków w sklepie stacjonarnym?
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Visual Merchandising in the beauty industry – how to increase sales of cosmetics in a stationery store?

Clothing stores have the advantage that they sell their goods against the background of other products of their line. They do not compete in a small space with other big brands. The case is different when it comes to selling cosmetics.

AErgo Store has prepared a new Sinsay store in Siedlce
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Ergo Store has prepared a new Sinsay store in Siedlce

The Sinsay clothing brand store in the Stalchemia retail park in Siedlce is one of the newest Ergo Store projects for our long-term client - the LPP group.

ASztuka ekspozycji produktów na witrynie sklepowej
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The art of displaying products in a storefront

A storefront is an invitation to the interior of the store, designed in accordance with the principles of visual merchandising will help attract new customers.

ANowa produkcja Ergo Store dla marki More & More w Niemczech
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New Ergo Store production for the More & More brand in Germany

The More & More boutique in Gütersloh is another SIS prepared for this brand in Germany.

ASklep Cropp w Wałbrzychu kolejną produkcją Ergo Store dla grupy LPP
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Cropp store in Wałbrzych is antoher Ergo Store production for LPP group

Once again, we had the opportunity to work with our long-term client - the LPP group. This time, we produced a store for the Cropp brand in Wałbrzych, a town in the Lower Silesia in Poland.

AJak zaplanować zmiany ekspozycji w sklepie stacjonarnym?
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How to plan changes to the display in a stationary store? Visual merchandising calendar

Planning a display change strategy is a part of the work of a visual merchandiser. Sales are set by dates - holidays, anniversaries etc. - all this increases the traffic in the store. The visual merchandising calendar is a schedule for changing shop windows and displays at the same time.

ANowe sklepy Dockers we Francji przygotowane przez Ergo Store
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New Dockers’ stores in France prepared by Ergo Store

These are the next projects for the Dockers brand that we had the pleasure to prepare in France.

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