AJak zaplanować stoisko promocyjne na targi branżowe?
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How to plan a promotional stand for an industry fair?

We know how important the characteristics of a stationary store are, but how to promote our brand outside the store?

AIlustrowane dekoracje w przestrzeni sklepowej
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Illustrated decorations in the store space – the trend in visual merchandising

The illustrated details on objects of everyday use have become very popular. How can we use this trend in stationery shops?

AVisual merchandising - blog Ergo Store
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Visual merchandising – How to arrange an effective shop window on a small budget?

Storefront attracts attention and presents new products. So it seems that the storefront is a high-budget project. It does not have to be like this. In this text we will suggest how to tweak your shop "showcase” with simple and inexpensive solutions.

AJak wyznaczyć klientowi sklepu ścieżkę zakupów przy pomocy światła?
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How to set a light shopping path for the customer?

Properly lit shop space is 40% of success. According to the market research conducted by J. Niewiadomska in the book "Trade", it is the lighting that has as much as 40% of the impact on the perception of the store interior. Other factors are: graphic elements, colors of the floor, ceiling and walls.

AKolejny butik More&More w Niemczech przygotowany przez Ergo Store
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New More & More boutique in Germany prepared by Ergo Store

The More & More shop in Schwabach is another Ergo Store production in Germany.

AJak kupują kobiety?
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How do women buy? The ways to bring women to stationary stores

Women are from Venus and men are from Mars.. Advertising specialists use the old quote to differentiate the marketing of their products depending on whether they are targeting women or men. So why shouldn't shop furniture design be prepared according to this principle?

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New More & More showroom in Hamburg prepared by Ergo Store

The More & More showroom in Hamburg is another Ergo Store production in the German market.

AVisual merchandising w czasach pandemii.
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Visual merchandising in times of pandemic – avoid these mistakes

The pandemic forced us to deal with many safety rules. While arranging commercial space in these unusual times, the principles of visual merchandising can help you to avoid many unnecessary mistakes.

ASalon Cropp na Białorusi - produkcja Ergo Store
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First Ergo Store productions for the LPP group in Belarus

Belarus is another country where we had the opportunity to produce stores for our regular client, the LPP group.

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Cropp shop in Togliatti is the latest production for LPP group in Russia

Ergo Store company has carried out another project in Russia for our longtime customer, the LPP group. This time we have produced a shop for the Cropp brand in Togliatti, a city located in the Samara district, in the European part of the country.

Asklepy Cropp i House na Podbeskidziu
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Ergo Store has prepared Cropp and House stores in the largest shopping center in the Podbeskidzie region in Poland

Another Polish productions for the LPP group this year are behind us. To the list of this year's projects we added Cropp and House stores in Galeria Sfera in Bielsko-Biala.

A8 pomysłów na wiosenną aranżację witryny sklepowej
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8 ideas for arranging window display for spring

Visual merchandising is a domain which has a profound influence on retail. Since humans are visualizers, we „buy with our eyes” before we actually finalize our shopping. For this reason window display arrangement remains crucial.

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