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Store and storefront design. How does the Ergo Store design department work?

What are the different stages of creating a storefront design? How does the Ergo Store design department function? What do we pay attention to when working with the client? Just a few words about designing and arranging of shop windows and stores.

Aprojekt sklepu dla sieciówki sinsay
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Ergo store has prepared a Sinsay store in Chelyabinsk, Russia

In hard times of Coronavirus, the cooperation with our clients is different than before. Therefore, we are happy that despite special circumstances we are being faced with, we have successfully completed some projects.

AErgo Store odświeżyło sklepy House w Rosji i Czechach
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Ergo Store facelifted House stores in Russia and the Czech Republic

The pandemic time limited the number of stores prepared for our clients. Despite this, we have managed to complete some projects. One of them was lifting of House brand stores in the city of Tiumen in Russia and in Czech Brno.

ASklepy Levi’sa w Brukseli i Lille przygotowane przez Ergo Store
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Levi’s shops in Brussels and Lille prepared by Ergo Store

The coronavirus pandemic has reduced the number of projects carried out by our company. However, we managed to produce some stores before Europe closed for good because of the COVID-19 virus.  Among them, we can find Levi's shops prepared in Belgium and France.

ASeria sklepów More & More w Niemczech przygotowana przez Ergo Store
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A series of More & More shops in Germany prepared by Ergo Store

The largest German cities - Munich and Dortmund, as well as smaller towns such as Essen or Osnabrick were on the list of our productions for the More & More brand, prepared in February and March 2020.

AErgo Store wsparło akcję „Komputer dla ucznia”
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Ergo Store supported the “Computer for pupil” campaign

Helping is especially important in difficult times. Our company supported the "Computer for pupil" campaign, which aims to transfer computers to the most needy children, so that they will be able to participate in remote education, conducted during the coronavirus pandemic.

AHow to use heat maps to arrange the interior and product placement in the store
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How to use heat maps to arrange the interior and product placement in the store

Heat maps are a form of visual presentation of customer behavior in the store using colors of varying intensity. Thanks to maps, we can analyze various aspects of the store's operation and optimize sales.

AW wyjątkowym czasie
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In a difficult time of pandemic

One of the most important priorities of our company from the beginning was the safety of employees and customers.

AOmnichannel – klucz do nowoczesnej sprzedaży
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Omnichannel – the key to modern sales

Today omnichannel is one of the most important concepts associated with modern sales.

ATargi EuroShop 2020 pod znakiem zrównoważonego rozwoju i digitalizacji
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EuroShop 2020 in line with sustainable development and digitalization

Ergo Store has once again participated in EuroShop - the most important and biggest retail trade fairs in the world.

AErgo Store refreshed Reserved stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg
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Ergo Store refreshed Reserved stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg

New productions for the LPP group in Russia are behind us. This time we refreshed Reserved stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg to adapt them to the current concept of the LPP group's flagship brand.

ASklep Dockersa w słynnym domu towarowym Printemps Haussmann w Paryżu przygotowany przez Ergo Store
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Dockers store in the famous Printemps Haussmann department store in Paris prepared by Ergo Store

Once again, we had the opportunity to cooperate with the Dockers brand in the production of its store in France.

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