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Ergo Store at London Design Week 2016 [SUMMARY]

London was the world capital of design for one week in September and all because of the subsequent edition of London Design Week, during which the most interesting trends from the world of dress and design were presented. Ergo Store had their representatives there.

Highlights from London Design Festival 2016 from London Design Festivalon Vimeo.

London Design Week has taken place since 2003. The event has rapidly been gaining new followers since the first edition. Today, London Design Week consists of about four events with hundreds of partner organizations watching over from around the world representing the wider industry.

Purchases could be made during the fair as well as finding inspiration or just pleasing the eye with good designs. There was no shortage of takers. This year’s edition of the London Design Week, which was held between 17-25 September, attracted 375,000 participants from 75 countries who had the opportunity to take part in a series of events in urban space, from Somerset House in central London, the Victoria and Albert Museum (the largest museum of arts and crafts in the world), to the extremely fashionable surroundings of the East End.

“I think I can confidently say that in these last few days, London has become the European capital of design in all its embodiments: from classic, modern, creative to ecological. Throughout the city dozens of events, exhibitions, fairs, meetings and panel discussions were held which attracted thousands of people from all walks of life”, says Paweł Dziarek,  New Business Director of Ergo Store. During London Design Week, Ergo Store representatives had the opportunity to take part in the meetings conducted by industry professionals such as interior designers, architects and representatives of the branch press media.

“Among the number of interesting events, the most popular was 100%design, London Design Fair and design junction, during which hundreds of exhibitors from around the world presented their latest collections, thus setting trends in furniture, lighting, materials or plastics”, lists Dziarek. During the fair you could either buy ready-made products of their designs, and draw fresh and the most current inspirations from the most fashionable surroundings.

London Design Week is an event which is obligatory to return every year. The next edition will be held from 16-24 September 2017. Those who want to learn more should go to the fair website http://www.londondesignfestival.com. See you in London in a year’s time!

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