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Ergo Store has produced the largest Levi’s store in Central & Eastern Europe

On an area of 660 square metres, a whole range of Levi’s assortment was presented, including the exclusive Levi’s & Crafted and Levi’s Vintage collection, in which historical cuts of American workwear are reproduced. In the central point of the store, there is Levi’s Tailor shop where a master tailor will willingly help to make corrections and tailoring changes on both old and new clothes of this brand. It is characteristic of Levi’s, which has been supporting the idea of personalizing clothes for a long time.

In addition to the brand’s recognizable use of wood, elements and LED  screens in the store, there are many solutions used by Levi’s exclusively in the most important showrooms. For this reason, most of the shop furniture, such as the aformentioned Levi’s Tailor shop made by our company for the Prague showroom was unusual. However, this is not all. Hand-dyed indigo materials were used for the interior design, in which the Dutch Studio Blue Print Amsterdam participated. The seats were trimmed with scraps and other elements of regular production.

In accordance with the brand’s intention, the Prague project was to be a marriage of what is best associated with the Levi’s and the work of local artworks. Therefore, an artist from Prague was invited to decorate the interior. Pasta Oner made an impressive fresco in which he combined threads from the extensive Levi’s archive with motivs typical of modern Czechs such as: Škoda 100, Prague panorama and even the image of Václav Havel.

The assembly of the shop furniture and all the fittings lasted from June 23 to July 2, and the shop was opened in mid-July. If you intend to visit Prague, we inform you that the store is located on one of the most famous streets in Prague and in a popular city walking route. Na příkopě, at number 6, there is a shop open seven days a week from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm. On the street, you will also find stores of brands such as: Zara, Bershka, Max Mara, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hillinger or Karl Lagerfeld boutique.

Today, Levi’s has approximately 300 stores in over 110 countries around the world. The legendary brand is a regular customer of Ergo Store for whom we have produced stores in countries such as: Germany, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Albania and Poland. Last year, we built a store for Levi’s in Prague in the Arkady Pankrac shopping mall. One of this year’s projects are new stores prepared in Belgium and France.

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