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Keeping the customer for a longer time – why shop equipment is a key to success

How to make our store the first and last stop on the buying path? Experienced shopfitter will indicate which factors can make your brand more attractive to your audience and will keep the customer for a longer time.

Retail market is no longer just a competition between stationary stores. Huge shopping centers are fighting for new clients today. Online retailers are also strong competitors. What to do in order to make our customer spend a lot of time in our shop? What methods will work best in a clothing store?

During periods of high trade, such as intensive time before Christmas, visitors will enter our store with long list of presents to buy. We can increase chances that they will buy most presents from their list in our clothing store. These advices might be helpful:

1. Optimizing the interior of the store is the key to success

Optimization means more than the aesthetic arrangement of shop furniture and brand assortment. It is worth to consider here the study of consumer behavior: people who have made one unplanned purchase are more likely to make more unforeseen expenses. For example, many supermarkets place daily food items far from the entrance to the store. This makes that customer on his way back often reaches for products that were not included on his shopping list. It is worth remembering that the optimization of the shopping space is also a tactic that increases our chances of success. This is why it is worth to think about the exposition of small products. Instead of placing them directly in the cash zone, you can try out the scattered display and place them in many places in the store.

2. Customer relationship is important

This is the golden rule of the entire retail industry. If the customer will feel at ease in our shop – he will stay and make purchases. To create a sense of comfort, you need to create a team of qualified staff who enjoy working with people and like direct contact with them. Customers will always appreciate their openness, factual advice and accurate recommendation. If our employees also receive practical knowledge about the benefits of visual merchandising, they will take care of correct exposure of products.

3. Shows and presentations attract attention

If only the store allows us to do it, do not hesitate to use such forms of promotion. There are many ways for a non-standard, short-term presentation of the brand. Ask a trusted shopfitter for advice on how to make the best use of the available retail space and how to tailor it to the different forms of promotion.

If you are looking for advice on the best use of commercial space, please do not hesitate to contact our team.Ergo Store company will take new challenges in terms of design and production of shop equipment with pleasure. We offer comprehensive, innovative solutions that can effectively promote sales and brand image. Thanks to the back-developed organizational and experienced team of designers and engineers, Ergo Store may undertake other tasks in the design and equipment of any retail space.

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