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New LPP stores in Croatia produced by Ergo Store

The stores of brands from the LPP portfolio are becoming more and more popular. From year to year, the portfolio of our productions for the Tri-City company is expanding with new stores in Poland and abroad. This time we produced two new Sinsay and House stores in Croatia.

Production of Sinsay and House stores in Croatia

New stores prepared by Ergo Store are located in the Croatian city of Varazdin in the north-eastern part of the country. From 1756 to 1776, it was the capital of the country. The city is famous for numerous monuments of baroque architecture, like 16th age building called Stari Grad (Old Town), which is a lowland fortress built at the intersection of ancient roads near the Drawa River.

The popular Supernova shopping mall is located near the Old Town. In this department store we prepared new stores for the LPP group. In the center you will also find shops of brands such as: CCC, Jysk, s.Oliver, Tom Tailor, Orsay and many others.

Shopfitting solutions for Sinsay and House brands

In the department store Supernova we produced two stores at the same time – Sinsay and House. The Sinsay store has an area of 1,249 sq m and the House store – ​​550 sq m. The scope of Ergo Store work included retail furniture manufacturing, transport and assembly. The works lasted from 9 to 19 August this year. The official opening took place on September 3.

There is already another Sinsay store in the city of Vazardin, but it was produced according to the old concept of the brand. The new store prepared by Ergo Store in Supernova was implemented according to the refreshed design guidelines. It is a modern and bright space with white and gray as basic colors. The previous store concept was distinguished by strong pink colors mixed with black. Now these colors are mostly details.

According to the new interior concept, we also prepared Sinsay store in the Czech city of Hradec Kralove, a store in Wałbrzych and a new Sinsay store in Siedlce. We have been successfully cooperating with LPP for years, producing shops in countries such as Russia, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Ergo Store has produced a two-level Sinsay store in the Bosnian city of Čitluk

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