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The basics of sustainable retail furnishing production

Every year newer, better methods of retail furnishing production are being introduced. They allow us to limit the negative environmental impact. The standards of shop furniture design and shop furniture production are changing, which also has its reflection on the projects prepared by Ergo Store.

Certificate has the power

As a company dedicated to design and production of retail furnishing, we are aware how important it is to use materials with the certificate of origin. The wooden materials used by Ergo Store have the Forest Stewardship Council Certificate. The FSC Certificate confirms that the wood comes from areas where overexploitation is not taking place. The products that fall into the category of FSC certification are: furniture, paper, floor, coverings, window embrasure and door. What decides about certification is the method or raw material extraction. Other important certificates are: Rainforest Alliance Certified, issued since 1987, PEFC or the Smart Wood certificate, the longest existing one. The certificates guarantee sustainable environmental policy as well as corporate social responsibility.

Apart from the wood itself, equally important are the methods of its colouring and preservation. For instance, it is worth bearing in mind if formaldehyde – a harmful to health substance – was not used during the production process. Formaldehyde is still applied during embalming wooden products. It is also present in some insulation foams or glues. Formaldehyde-free products will be marked as quanterium-15.

Eco-friendly solutions in retail

Designers accentuate that the most sustainable furnishing solutions are the ones that will serve for many years to come and do not rely on trends all too much. To confirm that, we are observing a strong tendency to step back from global consumerism in favour of recycling and sustainable development.

One of our key clients – LPP group – in this year’s report declares to reduce energy consumption in their shops as well as their properties. Green energy will be used to maintain LPP group’s servers and internet shops. The investments, due to pandemic, will be carried out in slower pace, but the course of action is clear.

The increased importance of sustainable solutions in retail has direct rendition on the design and production process in Ergo Store. In the productions that we carry out we implement the newest technologies. Our knowledge and experience allows us to fulfil the highest criteria for retail furnishing production, safety standards, communications with clients as well as timely deliveries.

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