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Three ideas for preparing a small retail space

Small shop, small budget? Fitting out your store doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Small budgets and even small spaces can be a blessing because they require more creativity from designers. The result can be interesting, unconventional projects that attract the customer’s attention.

Focusing on creativity, it is always worth to respect the general rule that the design and production of retail shop fittings should be consistent with the brand image and its target group.

Below are a few solutions that can work when fitting out a small retail space.

Create the illusion of space

The correct combination of colors and the use of mirrors will help you to create the impression of bigger space. It is worth to use colors such as white and pastels, which will reflect natural light. In turn, well-placed mirrors can expand the visual space in the store. Large windows and doors made of glass allow you to keep more natural light inside. In such an environment, not only the space will seem larger, but also merchandise will appear fresher.

Use space not only horizontally but also vertically

From the floor to the ceiling – vertical space should be used to present products so that they attract the customer’s eyes. It is worth employing a professional shopfitter who will design cabinets and stand alone counters accordingly, not forgetting about the corners or center  pillars, which are places suitable for displaying smaller items.

Make the most of floor space

Plan your floor space so that customers can move freely around the store and at the same view your products efficiently. Good design can find a balance between two goals: ensuring optimal customer shopping experience and getting the most profit per square meter. One of the solutions may be large shelves that will mark passages in the store, while at the same time organise your products in a way that’s easy to navigate.

When preparing a store with a small space, it is worth sticking to the basic principles of design and at the same time you can think about unconventional solutions that will make your small space “come alive”. Ergo Store has many years of experience in designing and equipping commercial spaces. Looking for the best design and technological solutions, we are primarily guided by the need to create a customer friendly sales environment. We are also happy to undertake non-standard projects that require unconventional solutions. Feel free to contact us!

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