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11 Levi’s Kids stores in UK prepared by Ergo Store

Ergo Store’s cooperation with the Levi’s brand means not only the production of “adult” stores of this brand, but also collaboration in production of Levi’s Kids stores intended for the youngest customers.

We have recently prepared eleven shop-in-shops in England and Ireland for the Levi’s Kids brand. All of them are located in the Debenhams stores. It is a British chain of department stores, offering clothes, cosmetics, home electronics, household appliances and furniture. It consists of about 200 stores in the British Isles and also in Denmark. Flagship stores can be found, among others, at Oxford Street in London and in Liverpool. The scope of Ergo Store’s work for each of the Levi’s Kids shops included preparing projects, retail furniture manufacturing and assembly. Materials such as solid wood (spruce) and plywood (pine) were used to prepare the furniture, which went to all eleven stores at the beginning of February.

Legendary brand Levi’s entered the world of children’s fashion in 2005. It offers a complete line of products for children, prepared in accordance with Levi’s standards. The cooperation between Ergo Store and the Levi’s brand is long-term. For the legendary producer of jeans, we have already prepared stores in countries such as Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and Poland. Among the latest projects there were productions in Athens and Kalinigrad, as well as a series of stores in the largest Dutch cities. Soon, we will write more about next realizations, including productions in Nice and two other French cities – Rouen and Toulon.

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New Sinsay shop in Rožňava prepared by Ergo Store

Sinsay clothing store in Stop Shop Rožňava retail park, located in south-eastern Slovakia is one of the latest productions prepared by Ergo Store for LPP group.

testumeblowanie sklepów odzieżowych
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New stores for LPP group in Belgrade prepared by Ergo Store

The time of increased caution associated with the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the suspension of several projects we were working on in the first quarter of 2020.

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