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Cropp shop in Togliatti is the latest production for LPP group in Russia

Ergo Store company has carried out another project in Russia for our longtime customer, the LPP group. This time we have produced a shop for the Cropp brand in Togliatti, a city located in the Samara district, in the European part of the country.

Togliatti is set 2500 km from our headquarter in Kraków and nearly 1000 km from Moscow, the capital of the country. The city has more than 700 000 inhabitants and its unusual name is after Palmiro Togliatti, an Italian communist politician. Today Togliatti is most commonly associated  with WAZ automobile factory, commonly known in the international markets as Lada. It is also one on the biggest economic centres in this part of Russia.

Park House Togliatti, in which the shop produced by Ergo Store can be found, is the second biggest shopping facility in the city. Designed by the Italian architectural office Bartoli, it was oficially opened at the end of 2005. It covers an area of 70 000 square metres it offers a variety of high street brands such as H&M, Zara, Bershka or other popular brands like Ecco, Intimissimi, and Oysho. Cropp is the second, after Inglot, Polish brand avaiable in Park House.

The scope of work by our team included retail furniture production, transport and technical comissioning. The assembly work took place from March 25 to April 12, and the store was opened to customers on April 24. The shop covers an area of 858 square metres. The characteristic element of this production is the long fitting room, optically enlarged by a number of mirrors.

Cropp is one of five brands that belong to the LPP group’s portfolio. Inspired by street-art and hip-hop culture in a broad sense, it is aimed to reach young people, mostly large city dwellers.

We have successfully cooperated with LPP group for years by preparing projects in Poland and abroad, all over Europe and Asia. Some recent productions in Russia include a Sinsay shop in Chelyabinsk and the facelifting of a House shop in Tiumen. Earlier, we had been responsible preparing projects in Russian cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as Yekatynburg, Rostov-on-Don, Tula and Barnaul.


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