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Ergo Store has prepared a Sinsay store in Odyseja Gallery in Brzesko

Another production for the Sinsay brand from the LPP group is done. This time we prepared a store in the newly opened Odyseja Gallery in Brzesko.

This new retail facility in Lesser Poland is located close to the center of Brzesko, and a bus terminal is also part of the complex. The first retailers include brands such as Smyk, CCC and Reporter Young. Odyseja Gallery is distinguished by modern, environmentally friendly solutions. The building is powered by green energy from five hundred solar panels, there is an electric vehicle charging station in the center, and a special line of electric buses connects the gallery with the railway station.

The Sinsay store prepared by Ergo Store was opened, as well as the entire center, on April 26. Our team was responsible for the retail furniture manufacturing, transport and assembly, which we completed on April 16. The store is impressive with its area of ​​1,350 square meters. This is enough space to present the brand’s women’s and men’s collections, children’s clothes and interior accessories.

Let us remind you that Sinsay is the second most popular brand from the LPP group’s portfolio, which has recently been repositioning. After the change, its offer is no longer targeted only to young people, but mostly to families. According to the current interior concept, Sinsay stores are spacious and bright.

Production of stationary stores for the LPP group

The store in Brzesko is our next production in recent months for a brand from the LPP group’s portfolio. In the difficult time of the pandemic, we prepared Sinsay stores in polish cities such as Wroclaw, twice in Kraków, as well as in Bytom, Częstochowa and Chorzów and outside of Poland – in Moscow, Voronezh, Niżniewartowsk in Russia and Žilina in Slovakia. The Tricity-based LPP company is our regular client with whom we have been cooperating for years and the result are stores that can be found in countries such as Russia, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary as well as the United Arab Emirates.

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