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How to avoid mistakes in designing retail store interior

Poorly designed store means  the losses which are difficult to calculate in the long run. How to prepare a good project and what is worth to pay attention to? 

Proper design and shop equipment require spending adequate amount of time and money. However, this is a key investment for the future of our store. What should we avoid while preparing a good project? We identify several areas where it is easy to make mistakes.

1. Have a clearly defined goal

Although this sounds like something obvious, the designers do not always identify a specific purpose, which store equipment should meet. This is a cardinal error, which should be avoided. Without specifying the target for shop equipment, we can’t count on its positive influence on the productivity and effectiveness of our employees as well as for the customers feedback. Before you start cooperation with shopfitter,  be sure what you want to achieve.

2. Plan your budget

This is another important issue, especially if you are just taking the first steps in the retail industry. Certainly, professional shopfitter might be useful here with experience in implementing projects from our or related industry.  But it is better not to be tempted by lower rates for the initial implementation of the project. We should assume that during the work production and assembly we might encounter unforeseen expenses. In that case some financial “buffer” might  be helpful.

3. Limit the use of “Do It Yourself” rule

When it comes to equipping the retail space, applying the DIY (Do It Yourself) principle can turn into a disaster. Trained and experienced shopfitter will prepare a horizontal projection , design the interior and take some time to find good quality materials. He will also exclude potential problems that the layman’s eye might  belittle. It is better to entrust  this task to shopfitter, avoiding any potential problems.

4. Read lease terms carefully

Renting is the most common way to get a flat for retail business. Before we start redecorating the place, it is worth to carefully read lease agreement. Communication with the owner based on clear and transparent rules is another condition. Before you design a store and begin this project implementation, we recommend to talk with the owner and present him our plans. This will allow to avoid all unnecessary misunderstandings.

5. Look to the future

A common mistake in designing shop equipment is the lack of future thinking.  The way we will equip our store will be profitable in the long term. The project and its production should be the answer not only for current needs, but more far-reaching goals. If everything goes according to plan, your business will prosper and grow. If you plan equipping  a shop, consider this positive scenario. Otherwise, it may turn out that we will face the need to redesign the interior from the beginning and that means a lot of costs.

In conclusion, the design and production of commercial space is a challenge that should be treated with caution and appropriate preparation. Let us remember to develop our assumptions in advance and to know what budget we have. When you fulfill these criteria, consider an assistance of an experienced shopfitter.

In Ergo Store we specialize in in the design and manufacture of retail space fittings. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and suggestions.

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