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Levi’s store in Tbilisi prepared by Ergo Store

New productions for the Levi’s brand are behind us. One of them is a store in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.

The location of the store is the City Mall – a newly refurbished shopping gallery located in the center of the Georgian capital, where shops or restaurants are run by nearly a hundred tenants. Among them we can find brands like Bagatt – a valued Italian footwear manufacturer; a popular clothing manufacturer – OVS, also from Italy; or liked by young people, the Collezione brand, drawing its design from the spirit of a colorful, multinational street.

Monobrand Levi’s store will join them soon. We finished retail furniture manufacturing for this store on October 1and then sent it to transport. We used materials such as wood, plywood, steel and glass to prepare furniture. It is worth emphasizing that Levi’s stores must meet numerous ecological and sustainable development standards and the materials must have appropriate ecological certificates.

The Levi’s brand is our regular client, for whom we have worked so far in countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and Poland. Among our this year’s productions for this legendary brand, we can mention, among others two productions in Prague, stores in Kiev and Odessa or an outlet in Thessaloniki. We also participated in the preparation of Levi’s stores in the new premium concept in Amsterdam and Milan. Further stores are planned or being implemented, including shops in Greece, Romania, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Azerbaijan. We will inform about the details on the blog.

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New stores for LPP group in Belgrade prepared by Ergo Store

The time of increased caution associated with the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the suspension of several projects we were working on in the first quarter of 2020.

testProdukcja mebli sklepowych – kolejne realizacje Ergo Store dla grupy LPP
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Retail furniture manufacturing – another Ergo Store productions for the LPP group

Refreshing the Reserved store in the Millenium Hall shopping center in Rzeszów is our next production for the LPP group this year.

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