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New stores for LPP group in Belgrade prepared by Ergo Store

When it became possible, one of the locations that Ergo Store workers head out was Serbia, where we produced four shops for brands from the LPP group portfolio.

Shops that we have produced for our clients are located in the newly-built BEO Shopping Centre in Belgrade.

We commenced work in March, before the pandemic was officially announced. Then the first round of deliveries and assembly of shop equipment took place. We terminated the project after a break in June. BEO welcomed its first customers on June 25th this year.

On three floors you will find shops of over 130 brands of many well-known and popular manufacturers such as: Guess, Lindex, H&M, C&A, LC Waikiki, Ecco, Fly London, Office Shoes and many others.

Among the stores we have produced so far, the most impressive in terms of space is the Reserved brand store, which has 2,886 square metres. It is a two-level store. It is worth bearing in mind that the current concept uses numerous storefronts and folding screens as a background for the exposition. One of the first flagship Reserved stores to implement this characteristic “open to public” concept was the brand’s shop in Oxford street in London. Today all Reserved shops are designed and assembled to position the brand’s assortment at the eye level without the necessity to go inside the shop, as well as within reach. Stores of other brands of LPP group portfolio cover smaller areas. The biggest of them is Cropp, with its 758 square metres. House shop covers an area of 705 square metres and Mohito – 653 square metres.

For those interested, we mention that BEO was designed by a well- known architectural office called Chapman Taylor. BEO’s characteristic features are open spaces, with access to daylight and greenery. MPC Properties Company stands behind the investment, the owners of other biggest retail centres in the region such as: UŠĆE Shopping Centre and Mercator Center Belgrade.

It is worth bearing in mind that our company had the pleasure of making the first Reserved and Sinsay shops in in Serbia. Realizations in the city of Lazarevac were carried out in 2017, and in 2018 we realized the production of the Reserved store in the city of Zadar. In Serbia, we also performed the shop for CCC chain.

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Second More & More shop prepared by Ergo Store according to the new concept

The Shop of the popular German brand in Singen is one of the recent productions prepared for this client.

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New Ergo Store productions for LPP group in Russia and Poland

At the turn of the third and fourth quarter of 2020, we had the pleasure in carrying out other projects for our regular client and that is LPP group. The newly produced shops can be found in the capital city Moscow and Chorzów.

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