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The assembly in Reserved and Mohito stores in Helsinki has been completed – the first phase of the project for the LPP group is behind us

The LPP Group enters another foreign market. The Tri-City company has decided to open in Finland stores of all five brands of the group. All of them are produced by Ergo Store and the first stage of the project – assembly of Reserved and Mohito stores is behind us.

Mall of Tripla is a shopping gallery connected to apartment buildings in the very center of the Finnish capital, which is scheduled to open in October 2019. The center can already boast of signing lease agreements for over 90% of the available retail space. Among the retailers we can find brands such as Skechers, H&M or Mango.

LPP group has decided to launch the stores of all their five brands – Reserved, Mohito, Sinsay, Cropp and House. In the first phase of the project, our company prepared Reserved and Mohito stores, whose total area is about 4,000 sq m, while all five stores will occupy over 6,5 thousand sq m. The Ergo Store team is responsible for retail furniture manufacturing, transport and assembly, which in the case of Reserved and Mohito stores lasted from August 19 to September 6, 2019. The opening of all five stores is planned for October 17, 2019.

Finland is already the 25th foreign market in which the LPP group is present and another one where we had the opportunity to work with our regular client. In the spring this year, we prepared the first stores of the Tri-City company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The list of our this year projects also includes the first productions for LPP in Bulgaria. We have also worked in such countries as Russia, Germany, Serbia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates to support the international expansion of LPP.

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Second More & More shop prepared by Ergo Store according to the new concept

The Shop of the popular German brand in Singen is one of the recent productions prepared for this client.

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New Ergo Store productions for LPP group in Russia and Poland

At the turn of the third and fourth quarter of 2020, we had the pleasure in carrying out other projects for our regular client and that is LPP group. The newly produced shops can be found in the capital city Moscow and Chorzów.

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