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Five stores for the LPP group in the new gallery Wroclavia produced by Ergo Store

In the newly opened shopping mall Wroclavia in the capital of Lower Silesia, the Ergo Store team had pleasure to produce five stores.

Ergo Store productions in Wroclaw include a suite of stores for LPP brands: Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp and Sinsay. For our client we have performed production works which included development of stores, retail furniture manufacturing and shop fittings. Particularly advanced works concerned the Reserved store. Reserved, next to H&M and Zara stores, is one of the two-storey shops in Wroclavia. It is worth mentioning that the Reserved store is 6 meters tall (stores of this brand usually are 3-4 meters high) and its area is 5 thousand square meters.

The gallery, built in the location of former Wroclaw’s bus station, houses nearly two hundred shops. We will find here brands such as Forever 21, Steve Madden, Lacoste, Loft37, Estée Lauder, Okaidi, New Look, Peek & Cloppenburg and Guess.

The project in Wroclavia is our another successful production for the LPP group. For this clothing giant we produced this year, among  others, stores in MoscowYekaterinburgBerlin and Budapest.

We will keep you updated on upcoming Ergo Store projects!

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New Ergo Store productions for the LPP group in Poland

We have started another year of cooperation with our regular client - LPP group. Among the first projects signed with the 2021 date, there were new Sinsay shops prepared in Wroclaw and Krakow.

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Winter projects in Russia for LPP group

The last weeks of 2020 were abounded in productions across the eastern border. Once more we have been working with LPP group, preparing Sinsay and Cropp shops in three Russian cities.

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