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Ergo Store produced a new More & More shop in Germany

One of our first productions in 2022 was the preparation of a new retail space for the More & More brand. This time, we produced a SIS in Germany. This is our next project in this country.

SIS or “shop-in-shop” is a type of trade where the owner of a brand or store takes some part of the space in the shop of another entrepreneur. It is a commercial solution that does not require such a large financial outlay as opening a monobrand store. This trade model brings mutual benefits – lease costs are spread among both tenants, sales and brand recognition increase.

Retail furniture manufacturing for More & More

The new shop for the More & More brand is located in the Jost Grünstadt Shopping Center at Bahnhofstraße 1A in the German city of Grünstad. The department store was established in  1892 and offers modern and bright commercial premises. There you will find stores of such brands as: Mango, Tommy Jeans, Champion, Monari, Gerry Weber, Calvin Klein Jeans, Esprit, Adidas, Only, Vero Moda and many others.

The More & More shop produced by Ergo Store has an area of ​​35 sq m. The scope of Ergo Store work included retail furniture manufacturing, transport and assembly, which took place on February 16, 2022. The shop was opened a few days later.

We have been cooperating with More & More for years, preparing projects both in Europe and Middle East. At the end of 2021, we produced among others showroom in Salburg, and earlier: shop-in-shops in Switzerland and Belgium or a series of stores in Germany.


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