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Five new LPP stores in Grozny prepared by Ergo Store

Another productions for the LPP group in Russia are behind us. This time there were Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp and Sinsay stores prepared in Grozny.

Grozny is the capital of Chechnya with a population of 300,000 inhabitants, mostly Chechens. The newest LPP stores can be found in the “Groźny” shopping mall. It is located on the left bank of the Sunzha River. It is the largest shopping and entertainment center in the south of the Russian Federation. The facility has as much as 132,710 sq m. Noteworthy is the architecture, which has become the decoration of the nearby park. Two materials were used for its finishing: metal and glass. Its facade reflects the colors of the surroundings, changing depending on the time of day. The “Groźny” shopping center is connected to the “Akhmat Tower” skyscraper into a unique architectural complex with a footbridge, which is a gallery with restaurants with panoramic views and an exhibition with photos and history of construction of both projects.

Production and transport of furniture to Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp and Sinsay stores

The scope of work of our team included retail furniture manufacturing and its transport. Five LPP group stores occupy a total of 5,350 sq m, the largest of which is a Reserved store, which has as much as 2,055 sq m, and the Sinsay store, which occupies 1,522 sq m. Smaller stores are House (650 sq m), Cropp (632 sq m) and Mohito (492 sq m).

The assembly started in August and the works lasted until the end of September. The official opening took place on October 5. The stores have been designed according to the latest interior concepts of each brand. All of them are characterized by a modern and clear layout, dominated by white and black colours.

Long-term cooperation of Ergo Store and LPP 

We have been successfully cooperating with the LPP group for several years, and Russia is a permanent location for our productions. This year, we have completed, among others, new Cropp and House stores in Moscow, Sinsay and Cropp stores in three Russian cities of St. Petersburg, Voronezh and Niżniewartowsk, a Sinsay store in Moscow, stores of four LPP brands in Yekaterinburg and a Reserved store in St. Petersburg.

We also had the opportunity to work with LPP in countries such as Hungary, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Poland.

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