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Great shopfitting, that is, what should not be missing in the stationary store

Designing and equiping a shop are not easy tasks.  However,  there are some elements, without which no well-planned showroom can do.

Competent personnel and assortment management are the foundations of efficiency not only in the retail sector. Nevertheless, stopping efforts with those activities will not provide a steady stream of customers coming to our shop.  Another criterion, which affects the sale is good store equipment. What does this mean in practice? It is knowledge that hides behind the word “shopfitting”. Good practices in a field of shopfitting are a kind of “must have” of interior design, without which our shop cannot do. These compulsory elements include:

1. Counter – an essential element in the sales area – a space where transactions with a customer are finalized. A counter should be visible to the customer so as to he could spot it without a problem. A good place for it is a central part of the store devoted to selling. The counter can also be used as a space for exhibition of selected products from the assortment, which would encourage spontaneous purchase.

2. Stands and display racks – dimensions of our product range should correlate with the nature of the exhibition space. It is worth remembering that the smaller products and accessories – jewelry and watches – should be exposed in such a way that the customer can easily locate them, look at them and reach them without any problems. The smallest difficulty may cause that a customer could cease to be interested in the product.

3. Islands, gondolas, shelves, displays – they give a lot of possibilities when it comes to exposure of a wide range of products at one place. They can be easily moved for the optimum effect.

4. Shelving systems – adapting the walls of the store is not only a standard of shopfitting, but also the chance of original exposure of the products. Shelves and shelving systems can now be purchased in almost all sizes and colors, tailored to our needs and characteristics of the exhibition space. They effectively focus customer’s attention and constitute an indispensable element of the interior of the store.

5. Shop hangers – are undoubtedly true must-have for clothing industry. Available in many sizes and designed in different styles allow exposure of clothes in almost any space.

One should also remember about accessories. Times when we encountered on the same tags, shop baskets or bags in every shop have passed away. Today, this is a part of brand identity, and even an elegant accent, which remains memorable after visiting the store. Conscious brand does not underestimate these seemingly minor elements.

Today, this “must-have of a shopfitter” is  a standard, which should be followed by every brand, which treats showroom as its showcase. It is also important to remember that all those features should be characterized by high quality and efficiency  for several following  years. Another advantage would be “flexibility” of design concept, which will enable us, together with the change of seasons, to refresh the appearance of our store.

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