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Ostrów Wielkopolski, Nowy Sącz – new Ergo Store productions for the LPP group in Poland

Our cooperation with the LPP group is not slowing down. New projects for the Reserved and Sinsay brands in Poland – in Ostrów Wielkopolski and Nowy Sącz – are behind us.

Retail furniture manufacturing for the Reserved shop 

In Ostrów Wielkopolski, we worked in Galeria Ostrovia – the largest shopping centre in the region, located next to national road no. 25 and the Ostrów Wielkopolski ring road. Such a location enables convenient access to the gallery not only for the residents of Ostrów and Kalisz, but also for the inhabitants of the surrounding smaller towns. Ostrovia is already home to shops of the other brands from the LPP group – Sinsay, Mohito, House and Cropp, as well as Wrangler/Lee, Big Star, H&M and C&A and more. The 1,900 sq m Reserved shop prepared by Ergo Store was opened on 30 July 2022, and our team was responsible for retail furniture maufacturing, transport and assembly, which we carried out between 7 and 18 July. 

Sinsay store production ‘from a to z’ 

The next location was Nowy Sącz in the Małopolska region, where we prepared a new Sinsay store in the Europa II Plaza shopping centre. Europa II Plaza is one of the oldest such facilities in the city, prepared according to the principle of “Everything you need in one place”. That is why, in addition to clothing shops, both new and second-hand, it also houses service premises such as a hair salon and catering outlets. Clothing brands present in the centre include Wrangler/Lee, Greenpoint and the local MaxBra. 

The 958 sq m Sinsay shop was opened on 24 August 2022, and the Ergo Store team was responsible for retail furniture manufacturing, transport and assembly, which we carried out from 3-11 August 2022. On the +1 court level of the gallery, customers can not only choose from a wide range of clothing, placed in three departments: “Women’s”, “Men’s” and “Children’s”, but also interior design accessories in the “Home” department.   

The shops in Nowy Sącz and Ostrów Wielkopolski were our next Polish productions for the LPP group this year. Previously, we prepared, among others, Sinsay shops in Gliwice, Legnica and Knurów, or Sinsay, Cropp and House shops in Puławy

In 2022, we also worked intensively for the LPP group in the Balkans, preparing shops in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia or Serbia. 

Over the many years of cooperation with the Tricity company, we have also prepared new stores in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania or Bulgaria. 

Photo: facebook.com/europa2plaza


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