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The most common mistakes in store design

Have you ever felt “out of place” in a stationary store? You didn’t know which way to go, where to find what you came for, and even if you did, you gave up the purchase anyway. This is what happens in poorly designed commercial spaces. What mistakes should not be made when arranging shop furniture, decorative accessories and, above all, products for sale?

Organization of stationary store

A clear and aesthetic store layout can bring new customers to your company and thus increase sales. We often do not think about the needs of our target customers, we only look at the space we have to fit as many products as possible. This is the worst path we can choose. So what else mistakes to avoid?

  1. Placing the cash in the center of the store.

The customer is the most important in the store. The focus should be put on the store’s best offer addressed to demanding guests. The center of the store draws the greatest attention to the human eye. If you put your cash there, you will lose the best display space in your store.

  1. Incorrectly selected display furniture or too much of them.

Each store should have a “customer path” around the walls covered with goods. Today’s consumers are demanding, a store that is only for trade is no longer enough for them. On the path, it is worth taking care of the so-called “Sweethearts”, it can be a designer sofa to rest, an interesting mirror, a poster, etc. You cannot overdo it with the amount of furniture and display hangers. In chaos, it is more difficult to find a specific product. Customers often come to the store for a few minutes to buy one planned item. If they need to look for what they want for over 10 minutes, they will simply go to another seller.

  1. Underestimated entry zone.

We have written about the importance of the store window many times. The entrance zone is like a showcase of the store, on its basis customers decide whether they want to trust you. Proper arrangement of the storefront and the shop entrance is the key to success. It is very important that this zone includes products from the current collection, as well as those that are characterized by high sales.

  1. Infrequent storefront changes.

The world is constantly changing, in order to stay on the market, we have to adapt to its pace. It is worth refreshing the storefront every 4-6 weeks and seasonally. Thanks to this you will be able to check what works best in your store and what attracts new customers. Based on several months of observation, you will be able to design the perfect display for your target customers.

  1. You do not test different systems in the store.

Store furniture should be mobile and offer various options for displaying goods. Test different layouts of tables, racks and hangers, observe customer behavior, they will show you where are so called hot and dead zones. You can also take care of different methods of folding clothes and displaying them. Perhaps non-obvious mannequins or individually designed shop furniture will help you with this. You have an unlimited range of possibilities on the market!

Flexible store layout

New stationary stores should build their target store layout through testing. Thanks to this, you can recognize the needs of your customers and make them feel at their best. It is worth remembering that a store is not a place that you create for yourself, but for customers. If you feel that this process is too difficult for you, you can hire a professional team to create a functional and aesthetic store. The Ergo Store Group has been cooperating with many prestigious brands in the production of stores for many years. Our team is constantly growing, thanks to which we are open to new cooperation with interesting brands. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Sinsay store in Legnica prepared by Ergo Store

The Sinsay brand from the LPP group is rapidly expanding in Poland and abroad. We are glad that we can contribute to the development of its chain of stores. One of our latest productions is a shop at EDS Retail Park in Legnica.

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Another Sinsay store in Bosnia and Herzegovina prepared by Ergo Store

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