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Why the Christmas storefront is the most important display in the year?

Christmas holidays are a special time, a family and warm atmosphere that hangs in the air throughout December makes us more open to the world. Christmas lights twinkle around us and seasonal decorations add charm to even the ugliest street. Shopping malls are turning into the land of Santa Claus, a spectacular Christmas tree and lots of atmospheric lights make those who do not like shopping suddenly enjoy it!

Walking among the avenues of shopping malls is like visiting an art gallery, we see exhibitions, and the one that particularly attracts our attention gets a few minutes of our attention. The shop window is like a kind of invitation to the interior of the store. Especially on holidays when the average person pays more attention to it than during the whole year.

How to make your Christmas storefront stand out from the competition?

Christmas is a golden time for the retail sector. Each store prepares its site for the holidays, so it is not easy to stand out from the fierce competition. Trade is characterized by the fact that you have to constantly strive for the customer, attract his attention so that he can enter the store and make a purchase. Only a well-featured store will help achieve this goal.

We can distinguish ourselves by properly taking care of the two most important functions of the storefront – informative and decorative.

The storefront is primarily to inform the customer about new products, specially prepared for Christmas, and about promotions that the store currently offers. Here, dry information is not enough, in the case of a Christmas display, you should first of all take care of a persuasive message, preferably dressed in a seasonal story. We must make the customer feel the unique atmosphere of Christmas that will encourage him to visit the store. The store should “tell” how important is the current season and a homely, family atmosphere are for them. And the emotional aura around the store is supposed to create a unique atmosphere that encourages shopping.

In addition to the informative function, the design of the festive shop window should also play a decorative role. And here we have a lot to show off, this is the part of designing a shop window that will help us stand out from the competition. It is worth doing a review of competing storefronts to know what mistakes not to make or what draws our attention and get inspired. It is worth remembering not to duplicate the same pattern. The trick is to create a unique and original look.

We have prepared some interesting ideas that will help you get an original look of the shop window as well as its interior.

Photo: vogue.com.au

What should you remember when designing a Christmas shop window?

When working on a holiday storefront design, you should remember about the specificity of the industry in our activity. The decorations must correspond to the nature of the products. In addition, it is worth to analyze our typical client – who he is, what he feels, what he likes and it is precisely to these conclusions that we plan our Christmas shop window. A seasonal storefront exposure project requires more involvement than a standard project of shop window. That is why it is worth asking for help from specialists who will take care of the effective appearance of your store. Our team has been professionally dealing with, among others, designing shop windows, we invite you to cooperation.

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